A Parrot Arrested for Verbal Abuse: An Unusual Case


In a bizarre incident, a parrot in India has been apprehended by the police for the crime of defaming someone’s reputation. The offender has been temporarily detained, and an investigation is currently underway.

The Parrot’s Accuser

Janabai, a stepmother to the parrot’s owner, Suresh, is the woman who filed a complaint against the parrot named Hariyal. Due to a land dispute, Suresh and his stepmother have developed a strong animosity towards each other.

The Influence of Negative Remarks

It seems that Suresh’s frustration and resentment towards his stepmother led him to frequently hurl abusive language at her. The perceptive parrot quickly picked up on these phrases and learned them proficiently. For the past two years, whenever Janabai passes by, the parrot starts screeching and swearing loudly, causing uproar in the neighborhood.

The Lawsuit

Unable to tolerate it any longer, an 85-year-old grandmother decided to take legal action against the foul-mouthed parrot. The police promptly intervened and arrested the parrot, bringing it to the station. Despite several interrogations, the parrot exercised its right to remain silent. It refused to open its beak, even when Janabai stood right in front of it.

Lack of Evidence and Rehabilitation

Without substantial evidence, the police couldn’t charge or imprison Hariyal. Instead, the parrot was handed over to the Maharashtra Forest Department for “parrot rehabilitation.” It can now freely continue its tirades for the rest of its life there. However, it doesn’t seem to show any concern about its surroundings.

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Parrot Swearing

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In conclusion, this unusual case raises questions about the legal system’s ability to handle such peculiar situations. While the parrot has avoided punishment, it will spend the remainder of its life in a rehabilitation center, continuing its foul-mouthed antics.

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