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I'll get pretty much everything the way I want it. I've always dreamed of a beach wedding... view

By: Nicole Appleton

I was in Florida with Burt Stern, the photographer who shot Marilyn Monroe on the beach with a sweater, and we smoked a joint. The bathing suit kept coming off in the water, and I just ripped it off. I was very comfortable being naked... view

By: Rosanna Arquette

One of my favorite vacation places is Miami, because of the people, the water and the beach - of course - and the architecture on Miami Beach is so wonderful... view

By: Oksana Baiul

Rich Palm Beach clients all wanted the same kind of different thing... view

By: Billy Baldwin

And I was in another band called Flash In The Pan, which was soca, Latin music, down in Laguna Beach... view

By: Travis Barker

They eat the dainty food of famous chefs with the same pleasure with which they devour gross peasant dishes, mostly composed of garlic and tomatoes, or fisherman's octopus and shrimps, fried in heavily scented olive oil on a little deserted beach... view

By: Luigi Barzini

The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach... view

By: Henry Beston

On vacations: We hit the sunny beaches where we occupy ourselves keeping the sun off our skin, the saltwater off our bodies, and the sand out of our belongings... view

By: Erma Bombeck

I learned with 'The Beach' that I'm a bit better lower down the radar... view

By: Danny Boyle

Miami Beach is where neon goes to die... view

By: Lenny Bruce

Before he went to sleep, I told him a little story about a rabbit we saw run around the beach house we rented... view

By: Dick Bruna

I've been to nudist beaches, like twice. But honestly, I just don't want to see these people naked. Most people look better with their clothes on, and the few that don't, look better than you, so why bother?.. view

By: Peter Buck

I go to Saint Barth in the French West Indies for two weeks each year. That place is amazing. Amazing people, beautiful beaches, great wine, wonderful harbors... It's incredibly romantic... view

By: Brooke Burke

I never worked less than 16-hour days on South Beach... view

By: Yancy Butler

The British are so funny. It's like they can't believe I lived in Hackney. 'You could live in Bondi Beach. Why would you want to live in 'Ackney?' But Hackney's fantastic. I'm serious. There are so many artists there. I loved the markets, the parks, the pubs, the diversity. It was a cultural melting-pot... view

By: Rose Byrne

We're competing with everything: the beach, the mall, bookstores. Libraries are in a transition right now, caught between two forces, the old ways and technology. Libraries are under a lot of pressure to provide both... view

By: John Callahan

We won the European Championship last September and now the world title. That is some year for French beach soccer! Now comes the hard part. We have to keep improving and that's difficult because it's tough to do better than winning a world title... view

By: Eric Cantona

I started beach football in Monte Carlo when I retired from football in 1997. I liked the game very much... view

By: Eric Cantona

I manage a team, for beach soccer. I'm the coach. Player, coach... view

By: Eric Cantona

For me, our beaches have always been a source of personal inspiration... view

By: Thomas Carper

I couldn't do any of my other characters, you know? But I could have done the lady. Church Lady's Malibu Beach party is an idea I have for a movie, too. Yes... view

By: Dana Carvey

The other exception where we did not at all restore the place to its original condition is the Surrounded Islands. Before we installed our fabric, we had our workers remove 42 tons of garbage off the beaches of those islands. We never brought the garbage back... view

By: Christo

We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills.. view

By: Winston Churchill

When you left on Saturday, I felt a horrible void, I saw you everywhere, on the beach, in your room, in the garden: impossible for me to get used to the idea that you had left... view

By: Camille Claudel

In Hawaii, we go to this wonderful place, all families. My wife and I go directly from breakfast to a beach chair where we read all day. My daughter goes from water to pool to running around with friends she meets, some of whom are regulars there... view

By: Stephen Collins

Words today are like the shells and rope of seaweed which a child brings home glistening from the beach and which in an hour have lost their luster... view

By: Cyril Connolly

Gentlemen, we are being killed on the beaches. Lets go inland and be killed... view

By: Norman Cota

But I try to steal other moments. Sometimes I get up very early in the morning and enjoy a quiet house and cup of tea before the craziness begins. Other times, I'll take a quick walk on the beach. You can find peace in a few minutes... view

By: Cindy Crawford

I've never really taken more than four days off, so it was a lot for me to go away for three-and-a-half months. I went all over Europe. I walked on a whole bunch of beaches and I did a lot of thinking... view

By: Puff Daddy

Some people get into this business and they're so afraid to lose anything. They try to protect their position like clinging to a beachhead. These actors end up making really safe choices. I never wanted to go that route. If I go down, I'm going down swinging... view

By: Matt Damon

I think its really matured a lot. I like the fact that there is now more to do there than gamble, since I don't do a lot of that. The people are great. I seldom have time for vacations and when I do I prefer the beach instead of the desert... view

By: Doug Davidson

When I wrote the song, I had the sea near Bombay in mind. We stayed at a hotel by the sea, and the fishermen come up at five in the morning and they were all chanting. And we went on the beach and we got chased by a mad dog - big as a donkey... view

By: Ray Davies

I didn't actually realise what apartheid meant. I'm probably a bit naive, but I thought it was more of a vague segregation, like on the beaches and buses... view

By: John Deacon

You can tell all you need to about a society from how it treats animals and beaches... view

By: Frank Deford

The band would play on the night off for the local hotel bands and we'd back all the different acts. So I'd been advised by good friends of mine to come back to Hawaii. Oh, I loved Honolulu, playing at a place right on the beach at Waikiki!.. view

By: Martin Denny

I grew up on the beaches of Southern California surfing and sailing and I've always loved horses so it was part of my dream that I was able to fulfill to have horses... view

By: Bo Derek

I can't wait to be that age and hanging out with a bunch of people hanging out all day playing golf and going to the beach, all my own age. We'd be laughing and having a good time and getting loopy on our prescription drugs. Driving golf carts around. I can't wait... view

By: Cameron Diaz

I have a home in Salt Lake, and I have a home in Malibu, at the beach... view

By: Roma Downey

I like to cook, walk on the beach, go to concerts and look at fine art... view

By: Fran Drescher

Concealing an illness is like keeping a beach ball under water... view

By: Karen Duffy