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Business, labor and civil society organizations have skills and resources that are vital in helping to build a more robust global community... view

By: Kofi Annan

I have never participated directly or indirectly in any business related to the United Nations... view

By: Kojo Annan

Disney made a fortune out of inventing the businessman's idea of the imaginary as the contradictory of the businessman's idea of the real... view

By: David Antin

I'm aware of my audience in a way, and I do try to engage with them while I'm trying to go about my business of thinking. I believe they help me by providing a focus... view

By: David Antin

I think the show has sort of given me a name in this business and allowed a lot of people the opportunity to see what I can do, and it's just sort of like a sweet starting point... view

By: Shiri Appleby

Actors are trusting souls, and we must go by gut-level instinct, even after our agents and business managers weigh all the odds... view

By: Anne Archer

Dear, never forget one little point. It's my business. You just work here... view

By: Elizabeth Arden

I know that if I can't move people, then I have no business being an actor... view

By: Alan Arkin

I want everybody in the news business to think of ABC before they go any place else. If it costs us an extra few thousand dollars to do that, what does it mean?.. view

By: Roone Arledge

Television is a powerful medium that has to be used for something better than sitcoms and police shows. On the other hand, if you don't recognize the forces that play on what people watch and what they don't then you're a fool and you should be in a different business... view

By: Roone Arledge

Failure is the most terrible thing in our business. When we fail, the whole world knows about it... view

By: Desi Arnaz

Touring is really a pretty lonely business... view

By: Eddy Arnold

The nature of show business is people within the business feel that if someone else fails, they move up a notch... view

By: Tom Arnold

Second, we have to make the most of the strengths we have, the amenities that many of our competitors cannot replicate. But again, those advantages won't mean much if we don't do a great job with the basics of our business... view

By: Gerard Arpey

At American Airlines, we have built a business around the love of travel that has lasted three quarters of a century. And I'm pretty sure we're just getting started... view

By: Gerard Arpey

Despite the painful changes we have had to make, we continue to believe in the St. Louis market. And we are hoping to add flights, in a careful way, as the economics of our business improve and the demands of the traveling public in St. Louis become clear... view

By: Gerard Arpey

However, the economics of our business continued to deteriorate. We barely escaped bankruptcy a year ago, and in the aftermath of that escape we had to make some even tougher decisions... view

By: Gerard Arpey

I think in just about any business the low cost competitor is always going to have an advantage... view

By: Gerard Arpey

Fortunately, we have a lot of really smart women in the business... view

By: Rosanna Arquette

It's unfortunate that music has become such big business... view

By: Rosanna Arquette

In Hollywood there are a lot of very insecure men running the business... view

By: Rosanna Arquette

After being in the business for such a long time, I've done everything but rodeo and porno... view

By: Bea Arthur

I may be president of the United States, but my private life is nobody's damned business... view

By: Chester A. Arthur

Having cakes as a business certainly changes things for me - I don't now sit at home doing a cake for the fun of it anymore. But it's an extremely happy and pleasureable business to run because people are generally buying cakes for celebrations... view

By: Jane Asher

I have very much enjoyed being in the music business in different roles through five different decades... view

By: Peter Asher

It takes more than capital to swing business. You've got to have the A. I. D. degree to get by - Advertising, Initiative, and Dynamics... view

By: Isaac Asimov

Every one knows, that the mind will not be kept from contemplating what it loves in the midst of crowds and business. Hence come those frequent absences, so observable in conversation.. view

By: Mary Astell

You know, I never expected to enter the movie business... view

By: Christopher Atkins

And so I've always been fascinated by the technical end of theater, and a lot of my closest friends are not actors, but in the other end of the business... view

By: Rene Auberjonois

The mercantile business did not suit me... view

By: John James Audubon

There are many highly successful businesses in the United States. There are also many highly paid executives. The policy is not to intermingle the two... view

By: Norman Ralph Augustine

A revised schedule is to business what a new season is to an athlete or a new canvas to an artist... view

By: Norman Ralph Augustine

Decreased business base increases overhead. So does increased business base... view

By: Norman Ralph Augustine

Business, you know, may bring you money, but friendship hardly ever does... view

By: Jane Austen

In fact, even the perception of a resurgence in crime can be enough to paralyze business momentum and destroy the sense of security that a vibrant and progressive city requires... view

By: Alan Autry

The music we made then was so amateurish, compared to the rest of mainstream pop or rock and roll. But what differentiated us from what everybody else was doing in the business was the fact that you could tell that these people came from different reference areas... view

By: Kevin Ayers

I'm celebrating my 40th year in show business this year... view

By: Roy Ayers

Just watching Jack Lemmon made me want to get into this business... view

By: Hank Azaria

Each one of us, and, indeed, all those who aspire to national leadership must bring their own visions, views and styles to the business of reforming Nigeria, and the search for solutions... view

By: Ibrahim Babangida

To help U.S. workers, farmers and businesses, and America's long-term economic security, Congress should take decisive action to bring about fair trade with China, instead of squandering this opportunity on a weak Republican bill... view

By: Joe Baca