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The music business doesn't interest me anymore... view

By: Lou Reed

When teachers try to teach, nurses try to nurse, small businesses try to serve their clients and the police try to arrest criminals, there is always a regulator or three breathing down their necks. Conservatives want to make people's lives easier... view

By: John Redwood

The newspaper is dying. I'm not sure there will be newspapers and its one business I'd never be in... view

By: Sumner Redstone

But what goes on in my life outside of the game should be my business... view

By: Jamie Redknapp

My dad knows the business, and he tells me I've got to do what's best for me... view

By: Jamie Redknapp

Well first of all it's a business and it's a tough business, and you have to have the strength to survive all the set backs all the failures that make this a mean business, that's getting meaner and meaner every year in my opinion... view

By: Robert Redford

I had popcorn all over the place, so I decided I might as well be in the Processing Business... view

By: Orville Redenbacher

Most of the people I know in show business don't need anybody pushing them at all. They're extremely aggressive... view

By: Helen Reddy

I couldn't do anything. I'd work in a department store for a couple of weeks, but I couldn't hack it. I couldn't even type! I had no skills whatsoever outside of show business... view

By: Helen Reddy

I think of these things as obstacles rather than opportunities, because if they were opportunities it means I actually took the business of doing them seriously. To take myself too seriously is the gentle kiss of death... view

By: Leon Redbone

Politics is just like show business. You have a hell of an opening, coast for a while, and then have a hell of a close... view

By: Ronald Reagan

The best minds are not in government. If any were, business would steal them away... view

By: Ronald Reagan

I believe some people in this business suffer from fame because they behave in a famous fashion... view

By: Stephen Rea

He or she must be successful in economic terms, but always within an ethical framework. Whether his or her constituency is a corporation and its shareholders or the customers in a small and privately held business, his or her first responsibility is to serve that constituency... view

By: Lee R. Raymond

In some of the countries where we operate, there is a tradition of corruption, in which the political elites work with business in the framework of unsavory relationships... view

By: Lee R. Raymond

It is important to remember that all business has an impact on the lives of real people... view

By: Lee R. Raymond

The main professional responsibility of a person in business is business... view

By: Lee R. Raymond

I am constantly asked why I never made other films after 'There's No Business Like Show Business,' the answer is I was never asked... view

By: Johnnie Ray

I do not believe that the government is in any position to say exactly how every single business and every single activity shall reach those performances... view

By: Dixie Lee Ray

Performing doesn't turn me on. It's an egomaniac business, filled with prima donnas - including this one... view

By: Dan Rather

They planned this fair to bring business to Chicago, into the Loop. But you could have fired a cannon down state street and hit nobody, because everybody was out at the fair... view

By: Sally Rand

Government "help" to business is just as disastrous as government persecution... the only way a government can be of service to national prosperity is by keeping its hands off... view

By: Ayn Rand

We are each other's seventh largest trading partner, we are the fifth largest investor there and likewise, we have a lot of exchanges between political leaders, businessmen, tourists and school children too... view

By: Sellapan Ramanathan

The consolidation of the music business has made it difficult to encourage styles like the blues, all of which deserve to be celebrated as part of our most treasured national resources... view

By: Bonnie Raitt

Getting back to the point, a guy like Jerry, he deals with the business, and he doesn't see it as being evil or ugly, it's what you have to do, and I mean I know there's some really ugly parts to it and parts which drive me nuts, but not in the same way as music business... view

By: Trevor Rabin

You know, the funny thing about Lorne and that show is that, you can go over one million things, but in a business of bean counters, he still likes to laugh at small things and creates a show around it... view

By: Colin Quinn

The history of the last century shows, as we shall see later, that the advice given to governments by bankers, like the advice they gave to industrialists, was consistently good for bankers, but was often disastrous for governments, businessmen, and the people generally... view

By: Carroll Quigley

When the business interests... pushed through the first installment of civil service reform in 1883, they expected that they would be able to control both political parties equally... view

By: Carroll Quigley

If you're going to stick around in this business, you have to have the ability to reinvent yourself, whether consciously or unconsciously... view

By: Dennis Quaid

Like many businessmen of genius he learned that free competition was wasteful, monopoly efficient. And so he simply set about achieving that efficient monopoly... view

By: Mario Puzo

I've never seen a worse situation than that of young writers in the United States. The publishing business in North America is so commercialized... view

By: Manuel Puig

When you've got a great business going, you go open another and take the risk of losing the whole thing. It's fun!.. view

By: Paul Prudhomme

When better business decisions are made, economists won't make them... view

By: Herbert Prochnow

I went to a woman for advice about how to be in business, but I learned a great deal from men... view

By: Victoria Principal

Too many religious organizations are in the business of enforcing beliefs... view

By: Charley Pride

If you want to stay in the business then you've got to be a bit shrewd, haven't you?.. view

By: Katie Price

It costs a great deal of money to do a musical, and the more money involved, the more big business influences the artform... view

By: Hal Price

Our friends have nothing to do with the business. Some of our closest friends in Florida are not stars... view

By: Kelly Preston

A live concert to me is exciting because of all the electricity that is generated in the crowd and on stage. It's my favorite part of the business, live concerts... view

By: Elvis Presley

I happened to come along in the music business when there was no trend... view

By: Elvis Presley