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Our fathers were actually business partners in the same real-estate firm, and we got together and thought, How can we get a movie together and get distribution and create a new movie genre? We started by making satires of commercials... view

By: David Zucker

The only important thing I have to say is that my father never fought against his country... view

By: Zinedine Zidane

I'm very inspired by him-it was my father who taught us that an immigrant must work twice as hard as anybody else, that he must never give up... view

By: Zinedine Zidane

My father was a boxer, though. So, I have a particular interest in Ray Mancini, I think... view

By: Warren Zevon

I was surprised by how much I like being a father.. view

By: Michael Zaslow

How strange, when your father's wearing women's clothes and platform shoes, that a pair of loafers looks incredible... view

By: Moon Unit Zappa

There are so many things that are misunderstood or not recognized about my father's music because they've been filtered by people who work for magazines like Rolling Stone... view

By: Dweezil Zappa

Our mothers and fathers want change. They worked all of their lives, but today live in destitution... view

By: Viktor Yushchenko

Just like if you were brought up on a farm, you would most likely carry on your father's business as a farmer.. view

By: Martin Yan

I surrendered to a world of my imagination, reenacting all those wonderful tales my father would read aloud to me. I became a very active reader, especially history and Shakespeare... view

By: Andrew Wyeth

The child is father of the man... view

By: William Wordsworth

To depend upon a profession is a less odious form of slavery than to depend upon a father... view

By: Virginia Woolf

But as my brother was doing his research for a book about my father, it became his opinion that the most influential anti-semitism my father encountered when he was growing up was from Jews, because his relatives were German Jews, and doctors... view

By: Tobias Wolff

And let me tell you, you boys of America, that there is no higher inspiration to any man to be a good man, a good citizen, and a good son, brother, or father, than the knowledge that you come from honest blood... view

By: John Sergeant Wise

Father had notions about manhood suffrage, public schools, the education and the elevation of the masses, and the gradual emancipation of the slaves, that did not suit the uncompromising views of people in places like Richmond... view

By: John Sergeant Wise

I'm crazy about my father, he's an amazing man, a real adventurer. He took us with him to travel all over the world. We were in places that were so remote, that white people hardly ever reach them... view

By: Peta Wilson

My grandfather on my mother's side was a professor of mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.. view

By: Kenneth G. Wilson

My father was on the faculty in the Chemistry Department of Harvard University.. view

By: Kenneth G. Wilson

My father had all kinds of instruments in the house that he would hide from my mother. He bought them through mail order!.. view

By: Cassandra Wilson

I see by your letter to my father that you are rather afraid the French may invade England... view

By: William John Wills

Since childhood she had walked the Devon rivers with her father looking for flowers and the nests of birds, passing some rocks and trees as old friends, seeing a Spirit everywhere, gentle in thought to all her eyes beheld... view

By: Henry Williamson

But I like to be thought of as a good father and a good husband... view

By: Treat Williams

One way and another I was having a ball - playing gigs, jamming and listening to fine musicians. Then came a crisis at home. My stepfather fell sick, and it meant I had to support the family... view

By: Mary Lou Williams

The greatest job I ever had was working on my family farm. Each morning my father would come into my bedroom around 4:30 am and command me to get up and work the fields. I would spend the next two hours before school slopping pigs and cropping tobacco... view

By: Armstrong Williams

I am not officially involved now in the direction of the Teen Challenge ministry, but I rejoice that God permits me to be the father of these ministries... view

By: David Wilkerson

A long time ago, when all the grandfathers and grandmothers of today were little boys and little girls or very small babies, or perhaps not even born, Pa and Ma and Mary and Laura and Baby Carrie left their little house in the Big Woods of Wisconsin... view

By: Laura Ingalls Wilder

Fathers should be neither seen nor heard. That is the only proper basis for family life... view

By: Oscar Wilde

My father has taught me all the tricks of the boys at an early age, which has made me very careful... view

By: Kim Wilde

Johnny Mercer was my father's best friend and became mine as well. And Harold Arlen, whom I would call Uncle Harry, and Harry Warren: those were ones who I really became close to... view

By: Margaret Whiting

My father and mother were second cousins, though they did not meet till shortly before their marriage... view

By: Patrick White

The time not to become a father is eighteen years before a war... view

By: E. B. White

My parents moved to Los Angeles when I was really young, but I spent every summer with my grandparents, and I'd stay with my grandfather on the farm in Longview. He was retired from the railroad, and he had a small farm with some cows and some pigs. I remember part of my youth was feeding hogs and plowing fields and stuff, so that's a part of me... view

By: Forest Whitaker

Uncle Brett had a definite vision that he was after, I don't think having a famous father affected him much... view

By: Kim Weston

Growing up, I didn't give my grandfather's photography a second thought. I wasn't involved in his work, except that I helped my dad print his negatives... view

By: Kim Weston

I felt no pressure that my grandfather was famous and my uncle was famous... view

By: Kim Weston

My father was a soldier and my mother was a great mover. She once counted up how many places she had lived in during the first 25 years of her marriage and it came to 20... view

By: Mary Wesley

I want to go ahead of Father Time with a scythe of my own... view

By: H. G. Wells

I expected to be a farmer like my father and brothers. Life seemed pleasant and orderly... view

By: Lawrence Welk

We really were a very musical family. Father managed to buy us a small pump organ, and I just loved this instrument... view

By: Lawrence Welk

We have seen a central government promote the power of labor-union bosses, and in turn be supported by that power, until it has become entirely too much a government of and for one class, which is exactly what our Founding Fathers wanted most to prevent... view

By: Robert Welch