Hope Quotes (1876)

Quotes and citations about hope

He who has health, has hope.. view

By: Thomas Carlyle

A strong mind always hopes, and has always cause to hope... view

By: Thomas Carlyle

It is a vain hope to make people happy by politics... view

By: Thomas Carlyle

Man is, properly speaking, based upon hope, he has no other possession but hope.. view

By: Thomas Carlyle

Cancer is a disease where the patient can contribute a great deal of help himself if he or she can retain their morale and their hopes... view

By: George Carman

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all... view

By: Dale Carnegie

I'm a mixed breed and hope to live longer because of it... view

By: Charisma Carpenter

Most people like to read about intrigue and spies. I hope to provide a metaphor for the average reader's daily life. Most of us live in a slightly conspiratorial relationship with our employer and perhaps with our marriage... view

By: John le Carre

I act and perform in hopes of getting attention and admiration... view

By: Tia Carrere

One thing I hope I'll never be is drunk with my own power. And anybody who says I am will never work in this town again... view

By: Jim Carrey

I hope that there are no persons that would want to think ill of me in any direction or any behavior... view

By: Diahann Carroll

Music is something that always lifts my spirits and makes me happy, and when I make music I always hope it will have the same effect on whoever listens to it... view

By: Aaron Carter

To pin your hopes upon the future is to consign those hopes to a hypothesis, which is to say, a nothingness. Here and now is what we must contend with... view

By: Angela Carter

My relationship with Music Row has always been, from my end, optimistic and hopeful that there is more than one way to approach the writing, recording, and marketing of an album... view

By: Deana Carter

Certainly if we hope do enhance and extend whatever natural assets we were given, we must expect to make an effort, if not actually great labor... view

By: Dixie Carter

There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings... view

By: Hodding Carter

We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams... view

By: Jimmy Carter

Where there is no vision, there is no hope... view

By: George Washington Carver

I am convinced that this approach, a mainstream Democratic approach, commands the strong support of the American people, and presents a sharp and compassionate contrast to the Republican abortion position which offers no real hope or commitment to mother or child... view

By: Robert Casey

As a privileged survivor of the First World War, I hope I may be allowed to interject here a deeply felt tribute to those who were not fortunate enough to succeed, but who shared the signal honor of trying to the last to salvage peace... view

By: Rene Cassin

I could not agree more. The students of Delaware State often looked to the school as their chance, their hand up, their hope. And they gave their all... view

By: Michael N. Castle

My greatest honour was to be included in the Australian Olympic team in 1992, 1996 and hopefully 2000... view

By: Rhonda Cator

We hoped against hope that what we had been doing was enough to prevent a riot. It was not enough... view

By: Jerome Cavanagh

For I, hearing my Lord's estate amongst many more estates was to be sold, and that the wives of the owners should have an allowance therefrom, it gave me hopes I should receive a benefit thereby... view

By: Margaret Cavendish

God's way of answering the Christian's prayer for more patience, experience, hope and love often is to put him into the furnace of affliction... view

By: Richard Cecil

We leave as we came and, god willing, as we shall return, with peace, and hope for all mankind... view

By: Eugene Cernan

To withdraw is not to run away, and to stay is no wise action, when there's more reason to fear than to hope... view

By: Miguel De Cervantes

No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible... view

By: George Chakiris

People have managed to avert their eyes and hope for the best... view

By: David Chalmers

One must not hope to be more than one can be... view

By: Nicolas de Chamfort

On recovering my senses, I hastened to quit a place where I hoped there was nothing further to detain me. I first filled my pockets with gold, then fastened the strings of the purse round my neck, and concealed it in my bosom... view

By: Adelbert von Chamisso

The free world is really helping Lebanon restore its sovereignty. I imagine there is quite a bit of pressure on Syria to leave. I hope they leave in a peaceful way... view

By: Camille Chamoun

I think hopefully we've got enough brain cells left to decide if our music is really worth something... view

By: Will Champion

The great hope of society is in individual character... view

By: William Ellery Channing

A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure... view

By: Charlie Chaplin

I hope I will have achieved something lasting... view

By: Graham Chapman

People's real hopes and dreams can be distorted and misdirected and packaged until you're not sure what you really want or what you even really need... view

By: Tracy Chapman

I'm a hopeful cynic... view

By: Tracy Chapman

We never had a huge squad and we never had a great deal of choice. But in many ways that helps because you've got to make do with what you've got. You don't have too many problems about picking the team you just hope that everyone turns up on the day... view

By: Jack Charlton

Others, amounting to four novels and a mess of short stories which I did not think worth preserving, I have done my best to eliminate from the record by refusing all requests for permission to reprint them, and I hope I have done a good job of making them hard to unearth... view

By: Leslie Charteris