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I've been in this business my whole life. I'm pretty bulletproof as far as being hurt... view

By: Tina Yothers

I can't wait to see The Grinch. It's so out of the world. Every time a movie like that comes out, I'm stoked. It's like real life... view

By: Tina Yothers

I had an amazing experience working with great people. I had a great family, a typical family with drama in certain areas, and that's pretty much everywhere in everyone's life... view

By: Tina Yothers

I have committed my life to helping the poor, and I believe that if more companies followed Wal-Mart's lead in providing opportunity and savings to those who need it most, more Americans battling poverty would realize the American dream... view

By: Andrew Young

Civil rights leaders are involved in helping poor people. That's what I've been doing all my life... view

By: Andrew Young

The spirit or life spark which animates this manifestation could be called God... view

By: Arthur Young

Education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in the worlds work, and the power to appreciate life... view

By: Brigham Young

Less base the fear of death than fear of life... view

By: Edward Young

Friendship's the wine of life: but friendship new... is neither strong nor pure... view

By: Edward Young

Life is the desert, life the solitude, death joins us to the great majority... view

By: Edward Young

As an actress, emotions are my business, my stock-in-trade. As such, I've dealt with them nearly all my life... view

By: Loretta Young

I'd lived by quotations, practically all my life... view

By: Loretta Young

I can't imagine dating a boy, meeting him only outside the home. What's a home and family for if it's not the center of one's life?.. view

By: Loretta Young

Life has no beginning, middle or end... view

By: Marguerite Young

As you go through life, you've got to see the valleys as well as the peaks... view

By: Neil Young

With a lot of songs on this record, one verse doesn't relate to the next verse. I don't think that one day really relates to the next day in life... view

By: Neil Young

There is no finer sensations in life that which comes with victory over one's self. Go forward to a goal of inward achievement, brushing aside all your old internal enemies as you advance... view

By: Vash Young

Football has been my life for as long as I can remember... view

By: Jack Youngblood

You learnt that, whatever you are doing in life, obstacles don't matter very much. Pain or other circumstances can be there, but if you want to do a job bad enough, you'll find a way to get it done... view

By: Jack Youngblood

I never, in all my life, had anything whatever to do with robbing any bank in the state of Missouri... view

By: Cole Younger

My brother was a lifeguard in a car wash... view

By: Henny Youngman

If you had your life to live over again, do it overseas... view

By: Henny Youngman

You know raising a family in the lifestyle of a professional athlete can be very difficult... view

By: Robin Yount

For a writer, life is always too short to write. I will just try my best during what remains of my life... view

By: Cao Yu

The wise man reads both books and life itself... view

By: Lin Yutang

Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials... view

By: Lin Yutang

The average rap life is two or three albums. You're lucky to get to your second album in rap!.. view

By: Jay Z

But there's not enough time in life to go sit at a party, have a drink, and make idle conversation. There's too many important things to do. Just being together with my husband, spending time alone, which I have very little of... view

By: Pia Zadora

But as the arms-control scholar Thomas Schelling once noted, two things are very expensive in international life: promises when they succeed and threats when they fail... view

By: Fareed Zakaria

Wars such as those which have occurred in Iraq only allow hatred, violence and terror to proliferate... view

By: Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life... view

By: Frank Zappa

I spent most of my life locked in my bedroom, miserable about my raging acne... view

By: Moon Unit Zappa

I've got a new relationship and I'm trapped in this old life... view

By: Moon Unit Zappa

If you love your life, you have to fight. If you believe in life and progress and possibilities, you have no choice... view

By: Michael Zaslow

I am not preparing myself or my family for anything but life... view

By: Michael Zaslow

If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon... view

By: Emil Zatopek

My one purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others... view

By: Jamie Zawinski

Three things are needed for a good life, good friends, good food, and good song... view

By: Jason Zebehazy

Once you've reached the point where you can pay rent, you can go to the vet and you can go to the grocery store, after that point it's all the same. I don't have the appetite for a decadent lifestyle... view

By: Renee Zellweger

Understand life's mysteries - as mysteries to be lived... view

By: Robert Zemeckis