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The one who loves the least, controls the relationship... view

By: Robert Anthony

One positive command he gave us: You shall love and honor your emperor. In every congregation a prayer must be said for the czar's health, or the chief of police would close the synagogue... view

By: Mary Antin

There are only two people who can tell you the truth about yourself - an enemy who has lost his temper and a friend who loves you dearly... view

By: Antisthenes

To be loved is to be fortunate, but to be hated is to achieve distinction... view

By: Minna Antrim

I love men, not for what unites them, but for what divides them, and I want to know most of all what gnaws at their hearts... view

By: Guillaume Apollinaire

People who lose their parents when young are permanently in love with them... view

By: Aharon Appelfeld

I would really like to go back to school. I would love it now... view

By: Fiona Apple

The people were just so lovely and accommodating and had really interesting questions and it was just interesting to see how the show is actually received in so many different countries... view

By: Shiri Appleby

If a cow walked into this room, I'd probably walk out. I could milk it, but my dad never forced me to do a lot of chores like that, mostly because he loved doing it himself... view

By: Stuart Appleby

I love Christmas. I really do love Christmas. I love being with my family and I love snow. I love the music and the lights and all of it... view

By: Christina Applegate

How can we live in harmony? First we need to know we are all madly in love with the same God... view

By: Thomas Aquinas

Well-ordered self-love is right and natural... view

By: Thomas Aquinas

Love takes up where knowledge leaves off... view

By: Thomas Aquinas

Love is a binding force, by which another is joined to me and cherished by myself... view

By: Thomas Aquinas

The things that we love tell us what we are... view

By: Thomas Aquinas

Love must precede hatred, and nothing is hated save through being contrary to a suitable thing which is loved. And hence it is that every hatred is caused by love... view

By: Thomas Aquinas

Because philosophy arises from awe, a philosopher is bound in his way to be a lover of myths and poetic fables. Poets and philosophers are alike in being big with wonder... view

By: Thomas Aquinas

We love Cyclops and as you know, we love James. It's a great team and we'll continue the team, obviously... view

By: Avi Arad

I love Daredevil. I thought it was enjoyable. Okay? There were critical issues with it, and that's why I wear black, some people wear red - we are entitled to our opinions... view

By: Avi Arad

Love is made by two people, in different kinds of solitude. It can be in a crowd, but in an oblivious crowd... view

By: Louis Aragon

I have always loved horror very much. I used to write stories for DC's House of Mystery. It was one of my first jobs writing for comics, and I loved it... view

By: Sergio Aragones

The Boogeyman is your conscience. The Boogeyman is the result of your own bad behavior. I love this Boogeyman... view

By: Sergio Aragones

I'd love to do a whole series of stories and have them collected into books... view

By: Sergio Aragones

The reason I love comics more than anything else is that the longest story will be just a few pages. With a novel, it takes so many pages to get to one thing happening... view

By: Sergio Aragones

Love involves a peculiar unfathomable combination of understanding and misunderstanding... view

By: Diane Arbus

Of the love or hatred God has for the English, I know nothing, but I do know that they will all be thrown out of France, except those who die there... view

By: Joan of Arc

Actually, Sydney is my second favourite city on earth, I love Sydney, but this is the greatest... view

By: Jeffrey Archer

I've loved art for more than 30 years... view

By: Jeffrey Archer

Marriage is... OK, it's rooted and grounded on love and attraction... view

By: Mary Archer

Poets are the only people to whom love is not only a crucial, but an indispensable experience, which entitles them to mistake it for a universal one... view

By: Hannah Arendt

I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the truth than adore me for telling you lies... view

By: Pietro Aretino

The Opera was a very cold film, a hopeless and dark film, no hope, no love... view

By: Dario Argento

When I was five. That's when I started to love film... view

By: Dario Argento

Love is simply the name for the desire and the pursuit of the whole... view

By: Aristophanes

Of all the varieties of virtues, liberalism is the most beloved... view

By: Aristotle

No one loves the man whom he fears... view

By: Aristotle

For though we love both the truth and our friends, piety requires us to honor the truth first... view

By: Aristotle

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies... view

By: Aristotle

I want to continue doing as big a variety of things as I can do, and if that means I have the honor of getting to do more feature work, I would love that. I know that if I make any other long-term TV commitments, it's not going to be on a drama... view

By: Adam Arkin

I love things that age well - things that don't date, that stand the test of time and that become living examples of the absolute best... view

By: Giorgio Armani