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The moment that I realized my name was going to be said in the same sentence as children and sex, that's really intense. That's something I knew from that very moment, whatever happens past that point, something's out there in the air that is really bad... view

By: Paul Reubens

My mom was a Democrat and I was scared to death that she was gonna blow it. First I was going to hell with Monroe, and now to Republican hell with Nixon... view

By: Tommy Rettig

At this moment I do not have a personal relationship with a computer... view

By: Janet Reno

There are places and moments in which one is so completely alone that one sees the world entire... view

By: Jules Renard

There are moments when everything goes well, but don't be frightened... view

By: Jules Renard

I was born and raised in the high desert of Nevada in a tiny town called Searchlight. My dad was a hard rock miner. My mom took in wash. I grew up around people of strong values - even if they rarely talked about them... view

By: Harry Reid

The language of the moment or, as it were, the language of the order in which we live, is the image. I felt that if I wanted to commune with the public, I should best do so through the language of image. It's a conscious embrace of a contradiction... view

By: Godfrey Reggio

I am sitting in the smallest room of my house. I have your review before me. In a moment it will be behind me... view

By: Max Reger

The whole aspect of cinema and film festivals should be a moment to come together and celebrate art and humanity. It would be a shame if there was such a divide... view

By: Keanu Reeves

When I record an album I'm trying to get as close as possible to that perfect moment... view

By: Lou Reed

I got my first guitar at age of 7 and never laid it down. Momma taught me G, C, and D. I was off to the races son!.. view

By: Jerry Reed

What I do and what I record only work for the moment... view

By: Leon Redbone

Statistics are to baseball what a flaky crust is to Mom's apple pie... view

By: Harry Reasoner

At this moment, when Ireland seems about to break into something new, we thought it was worth looking back at a time when people seemed to have found a way out of the sectarian division of the country... view

By: Stephen Rea

You just make sure you don't screw it up. It's going to work as long as you don't mess it up. Hopefully you have plenty of those moments in a big comedy... view

By: Harold Ramis

I told my agents that I didn't want to go on the audition. But as that was happening I called my mom, who has been watching the show from the beginning, and my mom said, 'It's the coolest show. You have to go.'.. view

By: Mary Lynn Rajskub

Do you have any ambitions outside racing? My main ambition at the moment, whether inside or outside racing, is to become Formula 1 World Champion... view

By: Kimi Raikkonen

They very seldom let me lose my cool. They made me like I was Polly Perfect, which was ridiculous so that when I bump into kids on the street they'd say 'I wish my Mom were like you.'.. view

By: Charlotte Rae

Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next... view

By: Gilda Radner

I'm getting better now, but I used to be incredibly awkward with girls. I think any guy who says 'I've never had an awkward moment with a girl' is a liar... view

By: Daniel Radcliffe

The right moment wears a full head of hair: when it has been missed, you can't get it back.. view

By: Francois Rabelais

Last week I did a piece for Style on advice to Laura Bush about how to help her husband. This week it's religion. It just depends on what I find interesting at the moment... view

By: Sally Quinn

Before I was a mom I used to think that parents who worried about their kids watching MTV were just clueless. Now that I'm a mom, I see what the fuss was all about!.. view

By: Martha Quinn

There have been only rare moments in history where individual histories were able to run their course without wars or revolutions... view

By: Raymond Queneau

The most momentous thing in human life is the art of winning the soul to good or evil... view

By: Pythagoras

To see the world for a moment as something rich and strange is the private reward of many a discovery... view

By: Edward M. Purcell

It is in moments of illness that we are compelled to recognize that we live not alone but chained to a creature of a different kingdom, whole worlds apart, who has no knowledge of us and by whom it is impossible to make ourselves understood: our body... view

By: Marcel Proust

The paradoxes of today are the prejudices of tomorrow, since the most benighted and the most deplorable prejudices have had their moment of novelty when fashion lent them its fragile grace... view

By: Marcel Proust

There came a moment in my life when I realized that I had stepped into another part of my life. I used to walk into a room full of people and think, do they like me? And one day I walk in and I thought, do I like them?.. view

By: Victoria Principal

I aimed at the Archduke. I do not remember what I thought at that moment... view

By: Gavrilo Princip

For most entertainers, there is a single experience, one defining moment, when confidence replaces the self-doubt that most of us wrestle with... view

By: Charley Pride

If you're writing a book that takes place in New York in the moment, you can't not write about 9-11.. view

By: Richard Price

I had been inspired by an organ player named Earl Grant, who played organ and piano together. My mom took me to see him. So I went home, put my piano and organ together, too... view

By: Billy Preston

Why can't we, with a more intelligent policy, actually have houses that are affordable, built at higher densities than they are at the moment and built on brownfield sites... view

By: John Prescott

The greatest thing is, at any moment, to be willing to give up who we are in order to become all that we can be... view

By: Max de Pree

My Mom said she learned how to swim when someone took her out in the lake and threw her off the boat. I said, 'Mom, they weren't trying to teach you how to swim.'.. view

By: Paula Poundstone

When I was in nursery school, the teachers asked me, y'know, 'What does your dad do for a living?' So I said 'He helps women get pregnant!' They called my mom and they were like, 'What exactly does your husband do?'.. view

By: Natalie Portman

Franklin Roosevelt had to govern at a time of crisis. If you're going to make changes in the way a nation thinks, you have to have the ability to take the crisis of the moment and use it to shape an agenda... view

By: Pete du Pont

I am moreover inclined to be concise when I reflect on the constant occupation of the citizens in public and private affairs, so that in their few leisure moments they may read and understand as much as possible... view

By: Marcus V. Pollio

My mom died of cancer when I was really young. I'm not someone who tries to work out their own stuff with a role, but I think that happened despite my best efforts to keep myself separate from it... view

By: Sarah Polley