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Time perspective is one of the most powerful influences on all of human behavior. We're trying to show how people become biased to being exclusively past-, present- or future-oriented... view

By: Philip Zimbardo

Situational variables can exert powerful influences over human behavior, more so that we recognize or acknowledge... view

By: Philip Zimbardo

With our work at Kazaa, we began seeing growing broadband connections and more powerful computers and more streaming multimedia, and we saw that the traditional way of communicating by phone no longer made a lot of sense... view

By: Niklas Zennstrom

I believe that prayer is our powerful contact with the greatest force in the universe... view

By: Loretta Young

What is this powerful have over my tub? Surely, I am transfixed by your firecracker charm and your suspended electrified wit... view

By: Isabel Yosito

We all have an equal interest in stability and security throughout Europe. The years the OSCE has existed, and particularly this year, have given rise to great expectations and at the same time to powerful disappointments... view

By: Boris Yeltsin

Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility... view

By: William Wordsworth

That said, I should also add that I learned a great deal from being allowed in these privileged circles and am grateful for the opportunity to have worked closely with some of the most powerful and successful people in the business including Steven Spielberg and Ted Turner... view

By: Douglas Wood

Not even the most powerful organs of the press, including Time, Newsweek, and The New York Times, can discover a new artist or certify his work and make it stick. They can only bring you the scores... view

By: Thomas Wolfe

The particular feature of Berlin - well, all you need to do is look at the map: the geographical position of the city right in the heart of Europe, and the separation of the most powerful two blocs we've ever had in history, which went all the way through Germany... view

By: Markus Wolf

Whatever is powerful to you can be translated into something which will matter to somebody that you will never know... view

By: Jeanette Winterson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us... view

By: Marianne Williamson

When state and religion are one, religion becomes a means for the powerful to remain in power... view

By: Walter Jon Williams

My children are 10 and three, and the longing and the need for them is incredibly powerful... view

By: Treat Williams

Human beings are creators, flinging powerful images into the minds of their fellow men. And all of these images are built of tiny particles of thought... view

By: Roy H. Williams

One of the most powerful defences the media can offer for controversial actions is, of course, public interest... view

By: Rowan D. Williams

Oh while I live, to be the ruler of life, not a slave, to meet life as a powerful conqueror, and nothing exterior to me will ever take command of me... view

By: Walt Whitman

O my brethren, my heart is enlarge towards you. I trust I feel something of that hidden, but powerful presence of Christ, whilst I am preaching to you... view

By: George Whitefield

Because hypocrisy stinks in the nostrils one is likely to rate it as a more powerful agent for destruction than it is... view

By: Rebecca West

For anyone who works in front of an audience there is no thrill quite like that of feeling and hearing the evidence of the audience members' enjoyment. Laughter and applause really are powerful... view

By: Randy West

Film is a very, very powerful medium. It can either confirm the idea that things are wonderful the way they are, or it can reinforce the conception that things can be changed... view

By: Wim Wenders

There is nothing so powerful as truth, and often nothing so strange... view

By: Daniel Webster

But to me nothing - the negative, the empty - is exceedingly powerful... view

By: Alan Watts

I am now the target of the most powerful man in this country, with an army of aides whose major responsibility today seems to be to attack me and get rid of me... view

By: Gerald Walpin

Our educational system is appallingly poor right now. Yet, somehow we're turning out some of the most intellectual and powerful sophisticated minds in the world. I think that's because we still have the opportunity here... view

By: Malcolm Wallop

Nobody is as powerful as we make them out to be... view

By: Alice Walker

There was nothing in all Douglas's powerful effort that appealed to the higher instincts of human nature, while Lincoln always touched sympathetic cords. Lincoln's speech excited and sustained the enthusiasm of his audience to the end... view

By: Henry Villard

Let us face it: in the world today, money and economic strength remain more powerful arguments than the number of people you represent... view

By: Guy Verhofstadt

Second point is no one here could predict or know that Israel was involved or started producing the hydrogen bomb - the most advanced and powerful atomic bomb that can kill millions of people... view

By: Mordechai Vanunu

We can just assume they have much more and powerful, more advanced technology, all the new computers, everything could be much more easier and help them to build much more and many more nuclear weapons... view

By: Mordechai Vanunu

He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still... view

By: Lao Tzu

I can inspire people on how to use money, how to get economically powerful... view

By: Mike Tyson

For me the goddess is the female of God, She is powerful if different... view

By: Tina Turner

No, I'm not interested in developing a powerful brain. All I'm after is just a mediocre brain, something like the President of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company... view

By: Alan Turing

In days of doubt, in days of dreary musings on my country's fate, you alone are my comfort and support, oh great, powerful, righteous, and free Russian language!.. view

By: Ivan Turgenev

As long as Florida remains a swing state, Cuban exiles in Florida will remain a very powerful voting bloc... view

By: Joshua A. Tucker

Truth is powerful and it prevails... view

By: Sojourner Truth

The atom bomb was no "great decision." It was merely another powerful weapon in the arsenal of righteousness... view

By: Harry S. Truman

Although my early equipment was very modest, later I made my own and they were more powerful... view

By: Clyde Tombaugh

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time... view

By: Leo Tolstoy