That's what I loved about show business, no two days were alike. It's an exciting life.

By: Barbara Mandrell

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Destroying is a necessary function in life. Everything has its season, and all things eventually lose their effectiveness and die... view

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It was a very profound experience, getting in touch with that part of us, in all of us human beings, that is committed beyond yourself to the point of giving everything you have, including your life, for other people, for your fellow man... view

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Everything I do in my life is very instinctual and in the moment. If I'm attracted to something, that's it. If I have reservations, those don't change till they're resolved. My first impression is how I go... view

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There is no substitute for accurate knowledge. Know yourself, know your business, know your men... view

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This life that has been given to us as a gift, as such a precious gift. To really try to understand it, really try to recognize it, is the greatest meditation. Through the media of this Knowledge we can tap into our inner sources that are so beautiful... view

By: Prem Rawat

By building relations we create a source of love and personal pride and belonging that makes living in a chaotic world easier... view

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There are two things in life that I really wanted to do: be an actress, and to be in skin care, and I've gotten to do both of them... view

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Well, I think In Love and War, which had a wonderful performance by Sandy, Sandra Bullock, who the authorities and, the supposed authorities, in cinema didn't want to know about... view

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