Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.

By: Peter Marshall

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I believe that in a great city, or even in a small city or a village, a great theater is the outward and visible sign of an inward and probable culture... view

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After Lock, Stock, all these really nasty small town characters came knocking at my door trying to tell me stories, and somehow I ended up with this guy whose brother was feeding people to pigs, and that's what he did to get rid of people... view

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Wars and elections are both too big and too small to matter in the long run. The daily work - that goes on, it adds up... view

By: Barbara Kingsolver

When they were small and my wife really had no other responsibilities, except taking care of the family and all of us, it wasn't that big a deal. It was fun. Hey, we're going to Moscow. We're going to Italy. We're going to Toronto. We're going to New York... view

By: Joe Mantegna