Making a movie requires 20 to 500 people to make and a lot of money and the stakes are a lot higher.

By: Alanis Morissette

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A movie of mine is going to be released in Japan next year. I play a waitress who's a really regular girl in this movie. The English title isn't decided yet, but in Japanese it's I'll Get on the A Train Sometime... view

By: Chiaki Kuriyama

I have not been that wise. Health I have taken for granted. Love I have demanded, perhaps too much and too often. As for money, I have only realized its true worth when I didn't have it... view

By: Hedy Lamarr

A man is usually more careful of his money than of his principles... view

By: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

I would never do something like Speed 2 again. If I'd wanted to make those kind of movies I could have signed up for five of them while it was in the can. It wasn't worth it to me. That was just an innocuous, boring movie... view

By: Jason Patric

We need to stop spending money on those weapons systems that do not advance national security... view

By: Lawrence Korb

I did plays and movies and whatever all over the place... view

By: Joe Mantegna

That's the biggest rule in Hollywood: Don't spend your own money... view

By: Pauly Shore

I knew I was a good stage actor but I had no idea about movies. And I wasn't a Paul Newman type of guy. That's why I thought the stage is just right for me... view

By: Ed O'Neill

Well, the wonderful thing about making movies, oddly enough, is that they're sort of highly motivated graduate studies in one or another field... view

By: Sydney Pollack

I've got enough money to live me two lifetimes so I don't have to do nothing I don't want to... view

By: John Lee Hooker

Because people see violence on the movie screen, they're not going to go out and hold up a liquor store and kill somebody. It really doesn't correlate... view

By: Dean Koontz

He who receives money in trust to administer for the benefit of its owner, and uses it either for his own interest or against the wishes of its rightful owner, is a thief... view

By: Jose Marti