I know there are things I did in education that will never be reversed. I have not done that in film yet because I have only been here for about nine months.

By: Estelle Morris

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We pay a price when we deprive children of the exposure to the values, principles, and education they need to make them good citizens... view

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I think education is one of the greatest tools for most kids not only to expand their book knowledge, but their ability to experience new things - I think it opens more doors than any other experience I can think of... view

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Official education was telling people almost nothing of the nature of all those things on the seashores, and in the redwood forests, in the deserts and in the plains... view

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Politics should share one purpose with religion: the steady emancipation of the individual through the education of his passions... view

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The question is, will we continue to fight what may be a rearguard action to defend universal literacy as a central goal of our education system, or are we bold enough to see what's actually happening to our culture?.. view

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I also tell them that your education can take you way farther than a football, baseball, track, or basketball will - that's just the bottom line... view

By: Bo Jackson