God is dead!

By: Gerard De Nerval

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In other words, a person who is fanatic in matters of religion, and clings to certain ideas about the nature of God and the universe, becomes a person who has no faith at all... view

By: Alan Watts

I tried not to make God this big deal in Joan's life. She treats God like a friend: she's nice to him some days, and other days mean, and then cries when she needs help... view

By: Amber Tamblyn

All love is lost but upon God alone... view

By: William Dunbar

From my own being, and from the dependency I find in myself and my ideas, I do, by an act of reason, necessarily infer the existence of a God, and of all created things in the mind of God... view

By: George Berkeley

Were there stories I wrote along the way that were terrible clinkers? God, yes. But they were all a product of their time, and I did the best I could... view

By: Len Wein

May God save the country, for it is evident that the people will not... view

By: Millard Fillmore

God is not external to anyone, but is present with all things, though they are ignorant that he is so... view

By: Plotinus

You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure about you. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us... view

By: Marianne Williamson

If the triangles made a god, they would give him three sides... view

By: Charles de Montesquieu

As a religion, bilingualism is the god that failed. It has led to no fairness, produced no unity, and cost Canadian taxpayers untold millions... view

By: Stephen Harper

In case of a thunderstorm, stand in the middle of the fairway and hold up a one iron. Not even God can hit a one iron... view

By: Lee Trevino

Unless you're flat out dead, you have to think of some other questions like: what's on the other side? It brings up issues of God, or no God. How does he play into this? Or he, or she, or it? How does it all play into this?.. view

By: Michael Keaton