He who laughs best today, will also laughs last.

By: Friedrich Nietzsche

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The prizes go to those who meet emergencies successfully. And the way to meet emergencies is to do each daily task the best we can... view

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On stage, don't go near her. She's the best performer in the world... view

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He who knows no hardships will know no hardihood. He who faces no calamity will need no courage. Mysterious though it is, the characteristics in human nature which we love best grow in a soil with a strong mixture of troubles... view

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As an actor, that's the best thing you can do, really take people along on a story and tell them something... view

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By: Bryant H. McGill

I think that the justices were totally answering the way that they should. I think that the senators, as best I could tell, for the most part, Democrat and Republican, respected that... view

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The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them... view

By: Ernest Hemingway

You hope for the best, but it's really OK if you don't win. They say it's just nice to be nominated, and it really is... view

By: Tyler Christopher