My generation, faced as it grew with a choice between religious belief and existential despair, chose marijuana. Now we are in our Cabernet stage.

By: Peggy Noonan

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It may be that my most helpful contributions to music aren't my compact discs but my articles about other great singers of the past for American Heritage magazine... view

By: Susannah McCorkle

Film acting is really the trick of doing moments. You rarely do a take that lasts more than 20 seconds. You really earn your spurs acting onstage. I needed to do that for myself. I would hate to say at the end of everything that I never did a stage play... view

By: Sam Shepard

The advantage is I have my family with me all the time. When your daughter takes her first steps or says her first words and your son is going through potty training, I'm not missing any of those things... view

By: Larry Dixon

I wanted to be a forest ranger or a coal man. At a very early age, I knew I didn't want to do what my dad did, which was work in an office... view

By: Harrison Ford

I never look at a note. I just roam the stage. The people do not want to leave... view

By: Jayne Meadows

If love means never having to say you're sorry, then marriage means always having to say everything twice... view

By: Estelle Getty

My message tonight is a simple one - the journey is getting exciting and this great state is on the move... view

By: Donald L. Carcieri

I'm very lucky to work in so many different arenas of the entertainment industry and I do enjoy them all, but making music - original music - in the studio or live onstage is definitely my favorite thing to do... view

By: Bill Mumy

Our Age of Anxiety is, in great part, the result of trying to do today's job with yesterday's tools and yesterday's concepts... view

By: Marshall McLuhan

I began to pray those same fervent prayers, lying in bed at night, hoping to see a scroll unrolled from the ceiling with a message from God just for me... view

By: James Green Somerville

Prior to the passage of the Patriot Act, it was very difficult - often impossible - for us to share information with the Central Intelligence Agency, with NSA, with the other intelligence agencies, and likewise, for them to share information with us... view

By: Robert Mueller

Where we're living we have a certain amount of our profit every year it's like a percentage 5 or 7% or something like that that we set aside specifically for charity things... view

By: Jon Fishman