I feel like football players are overworked and underpaid compared to any other sports.

By: Terrell Owens

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I wanted a NBA basketball gym at my house and that's what I worked hard for and I was able to achieve that... view

By: Terrell Owens

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By: Sarah McLachlan

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By: Gunther Schuller

Don't try to be somebody you're not because it doesn't work. If you try to be this perfect person or perfect persona of what you think that somebody should be when they're involved in public office, it's just not going to work. Just be yourself, stay true to your core values, and really just stay abreast of the issues... view

By: Ben Quayle

We want to develop innovative ways to promote savings so more Americans can save for their future, but first we need to reject privatization schemes and work together to strengthen Social Security... view

By: Debbie Stabenow

A month after the scandal broke, I tried to go back to work at the pharmaceutical company after a leave of absence. But because of all the publicity and resulting pressure and stress, I finally resigned... view

By: Donna Rice

I receive about 10,000 letters a year from readers, and in the first year after a book is published, perhaps 5,000 letters will deal specifically with that piece of work... view

By: Dean Koontz

This programme would only really make sense and work properly if it was also broadcast on France's international television channel TV5. So I ended up with a double production, on France 2 and TV5... view

By: Bernard Pivot

Living is like working out a long addition sum, and if you make a mistake in the first two totals you will never find the right answer. It means involving oneself in a complicated chain of circumstances... view

By: Cesare Pavese

Some missionaries are giants in the Spirit and pygmies in skills in the Spirit. Work hard to develop a balance. Your leaders, and you, should teach the skills to each other... view

By: Richard G. Scott

If there is a special Hell for writers it would be in the forced contemplation of their own works... view

By: John Dos Passos

I started acting when I was 13 in New York. Worked there for a couple years, then auditioned for a show there that was going to be filming here. Ended up coming out, getting the job and just staying... view

By: Kristanna Loken