The very spring and root of honesty and virtue lie in good education.

By: Plutarch

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I think that you have to do everything you can do to empower girls when they are young, from their education, to their successful independence, to their sexual self-knowledge... view

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I did what I did not to make money but to help prevent the defeat of a new system which had, at great cost, given ordinary people food and fares which they could afford, a good education and a health service... view

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And I thought that was the best way for me to participate, because standing in the crowd and listening is a fantastic education, but it's not my nature. I need to be involved. So I did that instead... view

By: Andre Braugher

It is the duty of the State to educate, and the right of the people to demand education... view

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Our home had many books due principally to the educational interests of my sister and two brothers, all of whom where serious students engaged in professional studies.. view

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Education is the movement from darkness to light... view

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I went to the local schools, the local state primary school, and then to the local grammar school. A secondary school, which technically was an independent school, it was not part of the state educational system... view

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