I mean, movies are like your kids or your fingers and toes or something, it's pretty hard to pick favorites.

By: Sydney Pollack

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I think I want to pursue a movie career and maybe even pursue some theatre... view

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Storytelling is the only studio movie where the censorship is perfectly clear, the only studio movie with a big red box covering up a shot. I take pride in that - and, of course, in having avoided the fate of Eyes Wide Shut... view

By: Todd Solondz

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I didn't feel like going any further in this scene with the boy. He was not a professional actor, and if I had pushed the scene any further it would have destroyed the tone of the movie... view

By: Louis Malle

And getting stunt coordinator Dan Bradley and everybody from the whole 'Bourne Supremacy' crew, I think was real cool for our film because we do a bunch of really big jumps in this movie... view

By: Sean William Scott

I tell you one of the great things about this movie is, with all that's going on around the world right now, it's just good to go to a movie where you don't have to think too hard, just have a good time, and relax and be crazy... view

By: Blair Underwood

Are Christians too stupid that we can't write a script, we can't film a movie OR we don't know how to act?.. view

By: Victoria Jackson

Woody Allen has done some excellent serious movies, too, like Crimes And Misdemeanors. Very overlooked movie, I think, and really his best. And currently I like Big Fish!.. view

By: David Zucker

People go to movies or listen to music because they want to be inspired... view

By: Daphne Zuniga

Most politicians - those people who live, eat and breathe politics - like to sit around and talk about politics and tell political war stories. Reagan didn't do that. His war stories were movie war stories and Hollywood war stories. He loved that... view

By: Lyn Nofziger