To this day I get mail from women who say, I went to law school because of your song. But I would hate to think out of the wide spectrum of things I have done in my career, that's all I would be remembered for.

By: Helen Reddy

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I liked the way my character, Shane, was first introduced. You get introduced to her through this sexual action, and I thought that was so cool and just kind of summed up what she enjoys and who she is, to a certain extent. She's a complete sexual being and the great thing is that she doesn't apologize for it. It's just who she is. We rarely see women be able to do that on television... view

By: Katherine Moennig

And nothing embittered me, which is important, because I think ethnic people and women in this society can end up being embittered because of the lack of affirmative action, you know... view

By: James Earl Jones

Women are a little more assertive in terms of our ability to express our feelings when we fall in love... view

By: Alicia Machado

Not only is it not remarkable to be a single woman, there's no stigma attached. You see more and more women choosing to be single as well as happenstance... view

By: Pepper Schwartz

Women's value has been under-recognized for far too long... view

By: Sidney Sheldon

The worst drivers are women in people carriers, men in white vans and anyone in a baseball cap. That's just about everyone... view

By: Paul O'Grady

Men have as exaggerated an idea of their rights as women have of their wrongs... view

By: Edward W. Howe

Men and women are like right and left hands.. view

By: Jeanette Rankin

Ah, women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent... view

By: Friedrich Nietzsche

Feminists wish women to seem like men. They're not men... view

By: Vivienne Westwood

What I think we can do is help individuals understand the church teaching, but also maybe help the church understand the viewpoint of lay men and women about what they want in regard to priests, or how do they want the hierarchy to deal with them?.. view

By: William P. Leahy

If I have a question about women and their behavior or attitudes, I always double check things with Lucy... view

By: Rob Walton