That is why we profess a spiritual kinship with primitive and archaic art.

By: Mark Rothko

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It was 1966 by the time I started taking pictures seriously and books, newspapers and magazines of the time were full of great pictures that helped to inspire me... view

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I started out as a young Ninja and killed all of the Shoguns. I am a Shogun now and I'm holding my spot. There probably won't be another Shogun after this... view

By: Shaquille O'Neal

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By: Robert Blake

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By: Mary Pickford

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By: Jon Stewart

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By: Stephen Fry

My father was a carpenter, a very good carpenter. He also worked for the Jones boys. They were not family members, we weren't related at all. They started the policy racket in Chicago, and they had the five and dime store... view

By: Quincy Jones

This is supposed to be a participatory democracy and if we're not in there participating then the people that will manipulate and exploit the system will step in there... view

By: George Takei

Make a Goal Box, a chart of positive daily contact with a family when you are working with them... view

By: Richard G. Scott