Maybe It's not the biggest blockbuster film, but there will be some people that will see it, that will be debating it, that will be questioning their own sense of spirituality. If the film resonates, then I have succeeded in what I set out to do.

By: Eriq La Salle

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The gross heathenism of civilization has generally destroyed nature, and poetry, and all that is spiritual... view

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Internationalism on the other hand admits that spiritual achievements have their roots deep in national life.. view

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A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on the installment plan... view

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Religion is for people who are scared to go to hell. Spirituality is for people who have already been there... view

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I think art is the only thing that's spiritual in the world. And I refuse to forced to believe in other people's interpretations of God. I don't think anybody should be. No one person can own the copyright to what God means... view

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I heard stories from my mother's mother who was an American Indian. She was spiritual, although she did not go to church, but she had the hum. She used to tell me stories of the rivers... view

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There are those who believe Black people possess the secret of joy and that it is this that will sustain them through any spiritual or moral or physical devastation... view

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That every man after the life in the world lives to eternity, is evident from this, that man is then spiritual, and no longer natural, and that the spiritual man, separated from the natural, remains such as he is to eternity, for man's state cannot be changed after death... view

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The degree of freedom from unwanted thoughts and the degree of concentration on a single thought are the measures to gauge spiritual progress... view

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I also pray for favor and His anointing on my life and ministry that I might have spiritual blessing when I minister to people. They're my principal prayers.. view

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