Every time I am in danger of believing the glamour of my own press, some incident inevitably brings me back to earth.

By: Jessica Savitch

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Napster works because people who love music share and participate... view

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These are really terribly rough times, and we really should try to be as nice to each other as possible... view

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I will never be able to create a budget from scratch with the amount of time that I have, but my instructions remain the same: Give me a budget that has no new revenue... view

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What the Idaho Health Freedom Act says is that the citizens of our state won't be subject to another federal mandate or turn over another part of their life to government control... view

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But for every hour and a half on stage, you have a five hour long bus ride, waiting for five hours at the airport, five hours of interviews... I know, it's part of the job, but that doesn't imply I have to like it... view

By: Andrew Eldritch

I couldn't be happier about being a part of 'Hunger Games' and to play Katniss. I have a huge responsibility to the fans of this incredible book and I don't take it lightly. I will give everything I have to these movies and to this role to make it worthy of Suzanne Collins' masterpiece... view

By: Jennifer Lawrence

Colloquial poetry is to the real art as the barber's wax dummy is to sculpture... view

By: Ezra Pound

My whole career strategy has been to build a base so that I could take the roles I want to play. I'd hate to think that a shorter part might not be available because I was worried about my billing... view

By: Jack Nicholson

Compared to America or Europe, God isn't a big part of our lives here. I don't know anyone here who goes to church when he's had a rough divorce or is going through depression. We go out into nature instead... view

By: Bjork

One time I went into a restroom and a girl followed me in. I signed an autograph for her in the sink. It was pretty funny because she was in a guy's restroom and she wasn't embarrassed at all... view

By: Zac Efron