Keep true to the dreams of your youth.

By: Friedrich Schiller

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We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams... view

By: Jeremy Irons

O human beauty, what a dream art thou, that we should cast our life and hopes away on thee!.. view

By: Barry Cornwall

Talk about it only enough to do it. Dream about it only enough to feel it. Think about it only enough to understand it. Contemplate it only enough to be it... view

By: Jean Toomer

If we like a man's dream, we call him a reformer.. view

By: William Dean Howells

The need for a college education is even more important now than it was before, but I think that the increased costs are a very severe obstacle to access. It is an American dream, and I think that one of our challenges is to find a way to make that available... view

By: Roy Romer

We all dream a lot - some are lucky, some are not. But if you think it, want it, dream it, then it's real. You are what you feel... view

By: Tim Rice

I'm a big fan of dreams. Unfortunately, dreams are our first casualty in life - people seem to give them up, quicker than anything, for a 'reality.'.. view

By: Kevin Costner

Both dreams and myths are important communications from ourselves to ourselves. If we do not understand the language in which they are written, we miss a great deal of what we know and tell ourselves in those hours when we are not busy manipulating the outside world... view

By: Erich Fromm

You have to be vigorous. That's the only way you are going to get it because everybody has dreams and everybody has goals, but the only people who achieve them are the ones that go after it and don't take no for an answer... view

By: Nick Cannon

Every dream I've ever had in life has come true ten times over... view

By: Steve Wozniak

As a little girl I used to daydream about my real father coming on a white horse to rescue me... view

By: Christine Keeler

It is possible for a kid from east Texas, raised in south central LA and Carson, who believes in his dreams, commits himself to them with his heart, to touch them and to have them happen... view

By: Forest Whitaker