Expectation is the root of all heartache.

By: William Shakespeare

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We can't have full knowledge all at once. We must start by believing.. view

By: Thomas Aquinas

Robert Crumb is an influence on how I draw, but not on the subject matter I take or my approach. One thing I do like about Crumb is that he's chronicled his age, his times, and I think that is what artists should do... view

By: Joe Sacco

The actor creates with his own flesh and blood all those things which all the arts try in some way to describe... view

By: Lee Strasberg

No one uses a ribbon typewriter any more, but your final draft is not the time to try to wring a few more sheets out of your inkjet cartridge... view

By: Lynn Abbey

It's when we start working together that the real healing takes place... it's when we start spilling our sweat, and not our blood... view

By: David Hume

I'm not a boy now. I'm a man, I hope. I hope I've had my artistic bar mitzvah somewhere... view

By: Jeremy Piven

A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people... view

By: Will Rogers

There is no such thing as several Romanias, but only politicians who divide Romania depending on the interests of their parties and their clout... view

By: Traian Basescu

A whim, a passing mood, readily induces the novelist to move hearth and home elsewhere. He can always plead work as an excuse to get him out of the clutches of bothersome hosts... view

By: C. S. Forester

My life is art. Its how I express God... view

By: Lisa Bonet

When we were on the road, I found out that my greatest hits album went Gold. They freaked out. Things really came to a head when we started arguing about a Van Halen greatest hits package... view

By: Sammy Hagar

I'm a moderate. I hang out in the middle. I vote against my party with some regularity and try to compromise. It doesn't appear right now that the Republican Party is welcoming moderates any more... view

By: Claire McCaskill