To be tested is good. The challenged life may be the best therapist.

By: Gail Sheehy

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You had better live your best and act your best and think your best today.. view

By: Harriet Martineau

Every time I flicked channels, there I was, talking. I was talking too much and writing too little. So Naomi and I went to Hawaii. The phone was cut off and we lost touch. This gave me the chance to have a good think about my life... view

By: Joe Eszterhas

To have the opportunity to lead the Solicitor General's office is the honor of a lifetime. As you know, this is an office with a long and rich tradition, not only of extraordinary legal skill but also of extraordinary professionalism and integrity. That is due, in large measure, to the people who have led it... view

By: Elena Kagan

One individual doesn't really accept the pro-life position of the party, and the other... says he supports it and takes a position that is logically inconsistent... view

By: Alan Keyes

Let us be about setting high standards for life, love, creativity, and wisdom. If our expectations in these areas are low, we are not likely to experience wellness. Setting high standards makes every day and every decade worth looking forward to... view

By: Greg Anderson

Let each man think himself an act of God, His mind a thought, his life a breath of God.. view

By: Philip James Bailey

There are two way of establishing a reputation, one to be praised by honest people and the other to be accused by rogues. It is best, however, to secure the first one, because it will always be accompanied by the latter... view

By: Charles Caleb Colton

We were sweet, lovely people who wanted to throw out all the staid institutions who placed money and wars above all else. When you're young you think that's how life works... view

By: Margot Kidder

Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet... view

By: Sarah Louise Delany

The Princess's so-called 'time and space speech' at the end of '93 about a year after the formal separation, looking back on it it's called her retirement from public life but we've seen in fact it's nothing of the kind... view

By: Anthony Holden

I wish my work would be recognized by a larger crowd of people as more art than be stuck with the cartoonist label for the rest of my life... view

By: Julie Doucet

The best way to get husbands to do something is to suggest that perhaps they are too old to do it... view

By: Shirley MacLaine