I know I work quite hard at making people like me.

By: Timothy Spall

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Literature for me isn't a workaday job, but something which involves desires, dreams and fantasy... view

By: Antonio Tabucchi

I became a loner. I became a mountain man. A lot of those things are very good qualities and they help you do your work, help you be singular and keep the artistic integrity of your work intact, but they don't make it very easy to live your life... view

By: John Milius

I work a lot, and not just in Las Vegas... view

By: Juice Newton

A business like acting is 90% luck. You can be a star one minute and out of work the next... view

By: Amber Tamblyn

Things change and work changes. Right now I like the idea of enveloping a space and getting messages across that connect to the world in ways that seem familiar but are different... view

By: Barbara Kruger

It is not only my laboratory and my place of work but also my home, so that on the 30th October I was able to share my happiness immediately with my students and collaborators and, at the same time, with my wife and family... view

By: George Porter

When I'm in the field, when I'm working, I keep very careful notes. I wear big shirts with big breast pockets, and I carry in them two little spiral notebooks... view

By: Peter Matthiessen

You become a celebrity, not because of your work or what you do, but because you have no privacy... view

By: Lisa Kudrow

Galleries, and they're all the same, and rightly so, they sell work... view

By: Kim Weston

There's a need to keep the history of an artform going, parallel with the new work that's being done... view

By: Hal Price

I admire certain priests and nuns who go off on their own and do God's work on their own, who help in the ghettos, but as far as the institution of the church is concerned, I think it is despicable... view

By: Frank McCourt

The networks initiated the discussion of live coverage... view

By: Ron Ziegler