This is not a time to back away from the principles that this country was founded on.

By: Jeff Bingaman

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I love the TV show, and if you make a bad movie it means you've soiled it. Just like if we made an advert. We were offered so many times and I'd say, look, this is the good thing, and you can't compromise that, because then you compromise the integrity of the characters... view

By: Jennifer Saunders

I regret not having had more time with my kids when they were growing up... view

By: Tina Turner

My own way of thinking is to ponder long and I hope deeply on problems and for a long time which I keep away for years and years and I never really let them go... view

By: Roger Penrose

I really didn't even have time to get that many lessons, to be honest, because I was suddenly on the road. I was kind of thrown in the deep end. But that wasn't a bad thing when I look back at it... view

By: Caroline Corr

I'm not running away from the fact that I had previously said I did not contemplate a major increase, and that was a fair statement of the Government's state of mind at the time I made that... view

By: John Howard

I sometimes wonder whether all pleasures are not substitutes for joy... view

By: C. S. Lewis

I like talking. I didn't know at the time I would have to worry so much about my hair... view

By: Diane Sawyer

We spend so much time together, because that's how we like it. I never used to go on girl's nights out, even at school. And Paul has never liked going out for a night with the boys, either... view

By: Linda McCartney

The attempt to redefine the family as a purely voluntary arrangement grows out of the modern delusion that people can keep all their options open all the time... view

By: Christopher Lasch

If you think Abraham Lincoln became famous for inventing the town car, it is time to spend a few hours on history... view

By: Bo Bennett

If you think my music is sentimental and self-absorbed, I agree with you... view

By: James Taylor

I have come close to producing films. But generally by the time they hit the screen, there's about 50 people with producer credits, so what's the point. I usually find scripts I like with no money attached and take them to producers that I know and try to raise finance... view

By: Tim Roth