You write a book and you hope somebody will go out and pay $24.95 for what you've just said. I think books were my salvation. Books saved me from being miserable.

By: Amy Tan

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I mean, I would hope that I have a style or personality that is evident wherever I go... view

By: Trevor Dunn

Hope unbelieved is always considered nonsense. But hope believed is history in the process of being changed... view

By: Jim Wallis

Our democracy is the centerpiece of who we are as a nation. And it is the fondest hope of all Americans that we can help bring democracy to every corner of the world... view

By: Barbara Boxer

I hope that what you take away from my album is not just the music - which I did want to be fun, and I did want it to be about individuality, but please also take away from it that there's no dream that's too big... view

By: Lady Gaga

I use rock and jazz and blues rhythms because I love that music. I hope my poetry has a relationship with good-time rock'n roll... view

By: Adrian Mitchell

I can only speak for myself, and hope people hear my words and see me on television speaking for myself. And, hopefully, they'll be able to make their own judgment. And at the end of the day, I just want my work to speak for itself... view

By: Jennifer Lopez

Embryonic stem cell research will prolong life, improve life and give hope for life to millions of people... view

By: Jim Ramstad

We really feel happier when things look bleak. Hope is endurance. Hope is holding on and going on and trusting in the Lord... view

By: Michael Novak

I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free... view

By: Nikos Kazantzakis

We hope and we've made clear that the forces need to come out. It needs to be full and complete withdrawal. Our position is it needs to be done as soon as possible so that the elections can be free, fair and free of outside influence... view

By: Stephen Hadley

I hope that America sees that I'm a fun loving guy and I hope they see the light of God in me, if that makes sense at all. This is a great platform, this is a great blessing that I have, and I I just want them to see something in me that says, 'Everything's going to be okay'... view

By: Jacob Lusk

I hope it's enabling me to deal with another human being who's more important to me than I am... view

By: Michael Zaslow