Do what you love. Know your own bone

By: Henry David Thoreau

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In this country, don't forget, a habit is no damn private hell. There's no solitary confinement outside of jail. A habit is hell for those you love. And in this country it's the worst kind of hell for those who love you... view

By: Billie Holiday

Love is a better teacher than duty... view

By: Albert Einstein

She's 32, and she has three children. She loves to be pregnant but she doesn't want anymore children in her life. So she decided to help another couple. And she's just been amazing... view

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I achieved something specially different with Love To Love You Baby and I Feel Love. These songs will endure... view

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I sing a lot about love... view

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Happiness is nothing but temporary moments here and there - and I love those. But I would be bored out of my mind if I were happy all the time... view

By: Zoe Saldana

I love it when people say things to me in public and want to meet me, because I want to meet them! Early on, my manager told me, 'If you want to sell 500,000 records, then go out there and meet 500,000 people.'.. view

By: Taylor Swift

My philosophy is that when I go out of my room, I'm prepared to love everybody I meet, unless they're bad... view

By: Omar Sharif

To me, there is nothing better than me going into the studio with a live band and hearing those violins and that echo and that sound. I mean I loved it... view

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I loved to get all dusty and ride horses and plant potatoes and cotton... view

By: Dorothy Malone

Aristotle uses a mother's love for her child as the prime example of love or friendship... view

By: Mortimer Adler

With Sumthin Else Music Works, I wanted to spread the love and give newcomers a chance to make it because something that really helped me were all the people who had given me an opportunity when I was putting my career together... view

By: Nile Rodgers