I'm one of those writers who, when writing, believes she's god-and that she hasn't bestowed free will on any of her characters. In that sense there are no surprises in any of my books.

By: Lynn Abbey

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I felt invincible. My strength was that of a giant. God was certainly standing by me. I smashed five saloons with rocks before I ever took a hatchet... view

By: Carry Nation

The language of the moment or, as it were, the language of the order in which we live, is the image. I felt that if I wanted to commune with the public, I should best do so through the language of image. It's a conscious embrace of a contradiction... view

By: Godfrey Reggio

I couldn't get that same feeling during the day, with my hands in dirty dish water and the hard sun showing up the dirtiness on the roof tops. And after a time, even at night, the feeling of God didn't last... view

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God doesn't go to jail for the pound of weed you got caught going over the Laredo with - even though he apparently has the knowledge, power, and care to prevent it - you go to jail. God passes go and the courts collect two hundred dollars... view

By: Stephen Evans

My dad took me to all the best rock and punk shows when I was growing up and music has always been a part of my life. So I'm very interested in the music scene and I suppose that's why I've ended up going out with musicians. Dave Pirner is still one of my best friends... view

By: Winona Ryder

The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly... view

By: Abraham Lincoln

God is in the details... view

By: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Yes I still enjoy playing him. He's the best person to play isn't he?.. view

By: Tom Felton

What we do at its very, very best, at its very, very most, will shift us slightly in our seat. If only for two hours, great. If for the rest of our lives, even better... view

By: Campbell Scott

The real end of prayer is not so much to get this or that single desire granted, as to put human life into full and joyful conformity with the will of God... view

By: Charles Bent

This is our purpose: to make as meaningful as possible this life that has been bestowed upon us.. view

By: Oswald Spengler

The best education in the world is that got by struggling to get a living... view

By: Wendell Phillips