I make time to write.

By: Stanley Tucci

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We spend so much time together, because that's how we like it. I never used to go on girl's nights out, even at school. And Paul has never liked going out for a night with the boys, either... view

By: Linda McCartney

Somewhere along the line I made the switch and was able to look at the bight side rather than the dark side all the time. Now I look at everything I have and think how lucky I am... view

By: Michelle Pfeiffer

The shock of any trauma, I think changes your life. It's more acute in the beginning and after a little time you settle back to what you were. However it leaves an indelible mark on your psyche... view

By: Alex Lifeson

When the target audience is American teenage kids, you can have problems. My generation prized really fine acting and writing. Sometimes you have to go back to the basic principles which underpin great visual comedy... view

By: John Cleese

You express different energies at different times in your life... view

By: Marisa Tomei

Sometimes I think I am still that 5-year-old girl playing with her dogs in the yard. That's how I see myself... view

By: Rachel Hunter

Health care for all Americans is the most pressing domestic issue today. It's far past time for the President and Congress to deliver health care to everyone... view

By: Russ Feingold

I've been here playing against Connors and it can be very, very loud. It makes it exciting at the same time... view

By: Stefan Edberg

I mean, The New York Times actually had an interesting case recently where they described a detainee who was afraid of the dark, and so he was purposely kept very much in the dark... view

By: Jane Mayer

It's ridiculous that time and time again we need a radioactive cloud coming out of a nuclear power-station to remind us that atomic energy is extraordinarily dangerous... view

By: Pierre Schaeffer

Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open... view

By: Alexander Graham Bell

In the 1960s we were fighting to be recognized as equals in the marketplace, in marriage, in education and on the playing field. It was a very exciting, rebellious time... view

By: Marlo Thomas