I believe in prayer and in strong belief.

By: Tina Turner

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Again and again, to be sure, on the way to America, and under many other circumstances, man has passed through the most adverse climates and has survived, but he has flourished and waxed strong only in certain zones... view

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They tell me that it will be hard to find a man strong enough to love my own strength and independence, and not worry about being Mr. Diana Ross, but I disagree. I know absolutely that that man is somewhere out there... view

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Prayer is more than meditation. In meditation, the source of strength is one's self. When one prays, he goes to a source of strength greater than his own... view

By: Madame de Stael

Prayer is commission. Out of the quietness with God, power is generated that turns the spiritual machinery of the world. When you pray, you begin to feel the sense of being sent, that the divine compulsion is upon you... view

By: E. Stanley Jones

I think God made a woman to be strong and not to be trampled under the feet of men. I've always felt this way because my mother was a very strong woman, without a husband... view

By: Little Richard

Work is the best of narcotics, providing the patient be strong enough to take it. I dread idleness as if it were Hell... view

By: Beatrice Potter Webb

I think change is possible, but only for individuals who were never truly gay in the first place and who have a strong personal motivation to recover their heterosexuality... view

By: Marilyn vos Savant

Well, you would have to say what is the criteria to determine the success of any merger? It would have to be that the companies are stronger financially, that they took market share, and they are on a very steady footing in terms of their performance... view

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Tragedy is like strong acid - it dissolves away all but the very gold of truth... view

By: David Herbert Lawrence