Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do. Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do.

By: Mark Twain

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If you don't want to work you have to work to earn enough money so that you won't have to work... view

By: Ogden Nash

I took a private lesson, but it didn't really work out, so I went back to playing along with records. That's really the thing that got me into playing a lot - getting excited about playing along with my favorite bands like Zeppelin and Black Sabbath... view

By: Chad Smith

The work is a calling. It demands that type of obsession... view

By: John Pomfret

I would love to work more - I really would - but there is not a lot of stuff around and the stuff that is around is not very complicated.. view

By: Holly Hunter

I mean, there are many other directors who are probably both more skilled and excited to adapt novels or work within certain genre conventions. I'd like to do that kind of work someday, but for better or worse I'm too drawn by my own material... view

By: Todd Solondz

What helped me most were my failures and slumps - when I couldn't get work, people weren't interested in me or had written me off... view

By: Frank Langella

I guess I judge my films by how pleased I am with the work I do, so it's kind of on another level. If they do well at the box office, then that's great. Then I'm really pleased about that too... view

By: Hugo Weaving

I go into work and get my hair and makeup done, go into wardrobe. I have to do three hours of school a day... view

By: Alia Shawkat

It's not blaming the victim. It's not anybody's fault. They just did something that didn't work, that's all... view

By: Kary Mullis

I count myself fortunate to be able to contribute to this work.. view

By: Pieter Zeeman

That said, I should also add that I learned a great deal from being allowed in these privileged circles and am grateful for the opportunity to have worked closely with some of the most powerful and successful people in the business including Steven Spielberg and Ted Turner... view

By: Douglas Wood

We are working with a biotech company, Calypte, which has designed a urine test for the HIV antibody... view

By: Luc Montagnier