Communications is at the heart of e-commerce and community.

By: Meg Whitman

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I probably had some impact, because everyone keeps telling me that I did. I like to feel like I'm coming out with something to try to make room for other young women to make their art... view

By: Liz Phair

For to err in opinion, though it be not the part of wise men, is at least human... view

By: Plutarch

His tenacity is unmatched in my opinion. Incredible how someone could have suffered that long and come back out of prison with such a good heart and positive things to say and do... view

By: Maurice Ashley

My life has been a bit special, this is true. I participated in the liberation of my country. I was one of the organisers of its struggle for liberation. I likewise actively participated in all the struggles for liberation... view

By: Ahmed Ben Bella

When I first started in rock, I had a big guy's audience for my early records. I had a very straight image, particularly through the mid '80s... view

By: Bruce Springsteen

I no longer want to live in an apartment furnished with forklifts and backhoes... view

By: Nicholson Baker

So, maybe you don't see blues so much in Styx's music but it is definitely part of Tommy's early music... view

By: James Young

The truth is I hate cocktail parties when the only person I know is my supposed date, and he abandons me the minute we come in the door... view

By: Mary Higgins Clark

A burglar who respects his art always takes his time before taking anything else... view

By: Henry Porter

I hadn't worked for a year when I had my Prison Break audition and it was the easiest audition I've ever had. I got the script on Friday, went to the audition on Monday and got the part on Tuesday. I was shooting the pilot a week later. I didn't have time to be nervous - it happened so quickly... view

By: Wentworth Miller

Then the early punk rock period with Television and the Ramones. That's what I loved- that's what I was listening to immediately prior to when I started to play... view

By: Arto Lindsay

It's been said that government doesn't create jobs, business does. For the most part, this is true. But government creates the environment in which businesses can excel and expand... view

By: Christine Gregoire