The networks initiated the discussion of live coverage.

By: Ron Ziegler

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Being a former dancer, classical dancer, it informed me as a human being just in terms of the grace I guess. Ballet is a very graceful form of art. You also become very aware of your body and your mind and your body is working in conjunction. That kind of helps you in acting as well. It's not only using your mind, it's like making your mind communicate this character into your body so that you can bring it to life and physicalize it... view

By: Zoe Saldana

There are times everyone needs to be together for me and we all just work together.. view

By: Picabo Street

Studies have consistently shown that financial hardship is the biggest obstacle to heterosexual marriage, yet the Republican leadership has done precious little to help address the financial hardship faced by American families... view

By: Kendrick Meek

To meet the shortage of supplies from America, due to lack of shipping, the representatives of the different supply departments were constantly in search of available material and supplies in Europe... view

By: Kelly Miller

I've always been able to let stuff go when I'm done with work... view

By: Kyra Sedgwick

I don't think there's a shortage of material in the world. Or in my head. I just pray for continued good health, because I've got other stories to tell... view

By: Richard Russo

My work has typically been about finding a means to express memory and commemoration for loss and grief... view

By: John Regan

So, in some ways, the political songs tend to be a bit more like reportage, whereas the love songs tend to be like novels, you can pick them up off the shelf and go into them any time... view

By: Billy Bragg

It wasn't so much that I was all alone on stage, but it was the realization of how much you need the response-you need the audience to tell you where to go... view

By: Loretta Swit

I do not want to work to correspond to an image... view

By: Isabelle Adjani

You know, we're not on stage, we're not doing a play, so we don't have a relationship with the audience but going through that process and also just hearing how much people love the film, you feel like you do have a relationship with the audience... view

By: Virginia Madsen

That's a little homage in a way to that and also to create that sort of creepy atmosphere that Hitchcock did. Vertigo was one of his great movies that was shot right here in The City and it's about a woman and the psychological twists and so forth... view

By: Philip Kaufman