Sometimes when I get home at night in Washington I feel as though I had been in a great traffic jam.

By: Grace Abbott

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A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life... view

By: Charles Darwin

Lest those islands still seem to you too remote in space and time to be relevant to our modern societies, just think about the risks... of our increasing globalization and increasing worldwide economic interdependence... view

By: Jared Diamond

We borrowed money, it helped us with bonds and what not, and the Federal Government backed it, but it was a guarantee, it was not a grant. And we not only paid it off, but we paid it off ahead of time... view

By: David Dinkins

I don't see myself as competing with other actresses. I mean, I went through a time when I was in New York, and I was going to lots of auditions and trying to get parts, but even then, you're not really competing with the other actresses. There is a competition going on, but it's not like something you can win in that way... view

By: Annette Bening

The Constitution is never tested during times of tranquility.. view

By: Mike Honda

Everybody gets to a stage when it's time to move on. I was bored, and the band wasn't going anywhere, so I left. I did a couple of shows on Broadway and some other things. I was busy. I just wasn't making records... view

By: Peter Noone

I don't know anyone who actually likes the dark or night-time. I don't care how much they say it doesn't bother them. That's why we used to huddle in caves and light fires when the sun went down... view

By: Paul Kane

I have not had time to reflect on my own truths in many years... view

By: David Blaine

As a solo artist, I just felt cemented in front of the mike stand. There was very little time to play with the audience and be a band member... view

By: Tommy Shaw

Happiness consumes itself like a flame. It cannot burn for ever, it must go out, and the presentiment of its end destroys it at its very peak... view

By: August Strindberg

I'd rather not, but if it will help the club, I'll do it. My ankle injury still bothers me sometimes... view

By: Bill Buckner

For me, a play is a form of writing which isn't complete until it is interpreted by actors. But it's still a form of writing. And so most of my time is spent thinking about how to write a sentence... view

By: Wallace Shawn