I don't really care how I am remembered as long as I bring happiness and joy to people.

By: Eddie Albert

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I learned a valuable life lesson that summer. You should find something in life that you really enjoy and seriously consider making that your life's work... view

By: Jim Evans

The idea that happiness could have a share in beauty would be too much of a good thing... view

By: Walter Benjamin

I'm not qualified to do anything else. So there better be another job. I'm kind of stuck now. I'm enjoying my life and I'm enjoying my work, and I'm enjoying the fact that the work I'm doing is garnering some interest and that's great. I just hope that it continues... view

By: Alfred Molina

But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?.. view

By: Albert Camus

The thing about acting is you don't want to let on how enjoyable it is or then everybody would want to become an actress. But it really is. It's a pleasure to go and exchange your identity... view

By: Gena Rowlands

I enjoy popping in to World Duty Free at the airport and trying out perfumes - I can never resist a new scent... view

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By: Jonathan Frakes

In the case of my book, I don't think it's really the coming-out gay novel that everyone really needed, even though it was received as such. The boy is too creepy, he betrays his teacher, the only adult man with whom he's enjoyed a sexual experience, etc... view

By: Edmund White

Salad bars are like a restaurant's lungs. They soak up the impurities and bacteria in the environment, leaving you with much cleaner air to enjoy... view

By: Doug Coupland

No man enjoys the true taste of life, but he who is ready and willing to quit it... view

By: Lucius Annaeus Seneca

I very much enjoyed my career in science. I didn't leave science because I was disillusioned, but felt I'd done my bit for it after about twenty-five years... view

By: John Polkinghorne

To be able to throw one's self away for the sake of a moment, to be able to sacrifice years for a woman's smile - that is happiness... view

By: Hermann Hesse