I know of only one duty, and that is to love.

By: Albert Camus

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I'm lucky because I have a job I love. I really miss being away from home, being in my own bed, seeing my animals and siblings, having my moms cookies. I have a couple cats. I got a kitten about a year ago and now Im going on the road so I wont see him for a while. I feel bad... view

By: Michelle Branch

Wars begin in the minds of men, and in those minds, love and compassion would have built the defenses of peace... view

By: U. Thant

I love a lot of things, and I'm pretty much obsessive about most things I do, whether it be gardening, or architecture, or music. I'd be an obsessive hairdresser... view

By: Gates McFadden

New England has a harsh climate, a barren soil, a rough and stormy coast, and yet we love it, even with a love passing that of dwellers in more favored regions... view

By: Henry Cabot Lodge

For God so loved the World that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life... view

By: Jesus Christ

The reason people sweat is so they won't catch fire when making love... view

By: Don Rose

I love home. I'll stay up there for days on end, I won't even go down the driveway to look for the mail... view

By: Dan Fogelberg

As an actress, it appeals to me because I love the idea of playing those in-between moments, the sort of behavioral stuff that one might not normally see... view

By: Julia Louis Dreyfus

For me, I have to love it and feel something for it because you're going to be stuck with it for two years, and if you don't love it it's going to look like that on screen... view

By: Charles S. Dutton

O that our hearts were enlarged in love to God, that we might turn inward, to the blessed comforter, that the blessed Jesus said the Father would send... view

By: Elias Hicks

You know, people can't fall in love with me just because I'm good at what I do... view

By: Robert Plant

I love superconductors... view

By: Larry Niven