Right now, more people enjoy movies, music, television and movies than they do video games.

By: J Allard

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So much of motion, is so much of life, and so much of joy, and to stand still, or get on but slowly, is death and the devil... view

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Seriously though, my father was the first African American to sign a contract with the Metropolitan Opera so I grew up with classical music and jazz in the home all the time... view

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When I write, I enjoy myself so much that what is being written really needs no reader... view

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Action may not bring happiness but there is no happiness without action... view

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What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life... view

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The best performers in Europe are those who use their welfare states to help people adjust to change... view

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Then came the choreography... the impact of music and choreography tends to really emphasize an overall feeling of what you really want out of the program... view

By: Peggy Fleming

I didn't think Comfort and Joy was going to be a box-office smash... view

By: Bill Forsyth

Once I understood Bach's music, I wanted to be a concert pianist. Bach made me dedicate my life to music, and it was that teacher who introduced me to his world... view

By: Nina Simone

We spent a month in LA using a pool of musicians, a string arranger called Benjamin Wright, some great backing singers, and it gave tracks like Dynamite, which was written there, that kind of flavour... view

By: Jay Kay

They gave me four weeks, and I asked if the first week could be just music with the two main conductors. So, the conductors came over to my home, and we worked in the music room, and I learned my two little songs... view

By: Rue McClanahan

The sum of the whole is plainly this: The nature of man considered in his single capacity, and with respect only to the present world, is adapted and leads him to attain the greatest happiness he can for himself in the present world... view

By: Joseph Butler