Family farms and small businesses are the backbone of our communities.

By: Tom Allen

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You can never get to a place of comfort in this business. As soon as you hit that little cushy spot, somebody's gonna kick you out. So I have a constant need to do it better... view

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I got this call that they wanted me to join this cast. They called it a family show, and it thought that it would be similar to all family shows. I wasn't sure about this until I watched some tapes, and was amazed... view

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We're an ideal political family, as accessible as Disneyland... view

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The studios are very much business. Maybe it was always that way. It is really commercial now. Judgments are made and directions are given to make the cash register ring... view

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The Parent Trap gave my career another boost, starring in family comedies... view

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In a couple, sometimes, one or both people have to give up their personal life, dreams and ambitions for the good of the family... view

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People just don't laugh when their family is violated, and you don't shrug it off. You band together and you defend together. It's a funny, primitive instinct... view

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There is an immutable conflict at work in life and in business, a constant battle between peace and chaos. Neither can be mastered, but both can be influenced. How you go about that is the key to success... view

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All businessmen are scum... view

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I know that Montana is the greatest place in the world to raise a family, to start and grow a business. You know it, and I know it and now we will tell the world... view

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A fellow oughtn't to let his family property go to pieces... view

By: Anthony Trollope