The short words are best, and the old words are the best of all.

By: Winston Churchill

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I know what you're saying, but I already told you all the truth and I, I don't what, I don't know what else to do. I just do the best I can and tell you the only thing I can, and that's what I already told you many times... view

By: Wen Ho Lee

My dog was with me all the time. I talked to my dog. She was my best buddy. I shared all my secrets with her, but I don't think I every really tried jokes out with the dog... view

By: Cathy Guisewite

To write the lives of the great in separating them from their works necessarily ends by above all stressing their pettiness, because it is in their work that they have put the best of themselves... view

By: Simone Weil

Every time I bestow a vacant office I make a hundred discontented persons and one ingrate... view

By: Louis XIV

My "fear" is my substance, and probably the best part of me... view

By: Franz Kafka

The best money advice ever given me was from my father. When I was a little girl, he told me, 'Don't spend anything unless you have to.'.. view

By: Dinah Shore

I hold that gentleman to be the best-dressed whose dress no one observes... view

By: Anthony Trollope

America's trying to do the best for its veterans... view

By: R. Lee Ermey

Nations have always good reasons for being what they are, and the best of all is that they cannot be otherwise... view

By: Marquis De Custine

Someone I've always admired is Catherine O'Hara... I think she's one of the best actresses in the country, not only comedy. I just think she's just a step aside from everybody, she's just wonderful... view

By: Fred Willard

I have a terrific marriage, but unlike a lot of relationships where they ebb and flow, no matter what happens you fall deeper and deeper in love every day. It's kind of the best thing that can happen to you. It's thrilling... view

By: Hugh Jackman

Some of the best songs I've written, I've written in 10 minutes... view

By: Christine McVie