I mean, look how many musicians have come through and played beside me, and I'm workin' and they're not.

By: Luther Allison

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The musicians are really on board, they're doing a great job together. There is some kind of a good chemistry, I would say affectionate chemistry and it's a huge promise of success... view

By: Lucien Bouchard

One of the things that's influenced me musically was my experience at Brown University. I was surrounded by musicians that I really admired, and felt challenged to come up with music, lyrics, and recordings that stood up to the expectations of those musicians and myself... view

By: Lisa Loeb

Choreography is mentally draining, but there's a pleasure in getting into the studio with the dancers and the music... view

By: Alvin Ailey

Some are blessed with musical ability, others with good looks. Myself, I was blessed with modesty... view

By: Roger Moore

I guess fortunate that I'm still around and I emphasize I guess because you never can tell what musicians would be playing had they been around as long as I have... view

By: Sonny Rollins

I think the drummer should sit back there and play some drums, and never mind about the tunes. Just get up there and wail behind whoever is sitting up there playing the solo. And this is what is lacking, definitely lacking in music today... view

By: Buddy Rich

I was babysitting the night High School Musical premiered last year. I watched with the kids and we sang along to the lyrics. I was making $12 an hour... view

By: Monique Coleman

But I really love music, and having a creative outlet is really the best thing you can do for yourself... view

By: Edie Brickell

The first condition for making music is not to make a noise... view

By: Jose Bergamin

Black music has increased my enjoyment of what I do. It has increased my range, my ability to reach into myself and accept myself... view

By: Michael Bolton

I ended up turning down a full scholarship of music at the conservatory to pay to go to cooking school... view

By: Emeril Lagasse

Music was important. Football was the easy part... view

By: Zinedine Zidane