I want people to be ecstatic but to cry at the same time.

By: Wayne Coyne

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When I sit at my table to write, I never know what it's going to be until I'm under way. I trust in inspiration, which sometimes comes and sometimes doesn't. But I don't sit back waiting for it. I work every day... view

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Sometimes decisions get made and it ends up being God doing for you what you couldn't do for yourself... view

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I really believe in myself. I'm the hardest worker I know, and one of the best songwriters. There's a craft to it, and it takes a long time to hone it, and I work really hard at it... view

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My criticism is too severe sometimes and that is not good. But why don't you start doing your work unless your leader flies into a rage? It is not that you cannot do it but that you don't want to do it... view

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Popular in our time, unpopular in his. So runs the stereotype of rejected genius... view

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I'm just beginning to direct. For all intents and purposes, this is the first time for me... view

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If it was just me and Elvis one on one, which only happened once or twice in the times that I did see him, it was a really comfortable. He was a cool guy. Easy laugh, nice guy... view

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