Be ready for when your time comes, you will have that window of opportunity, so seize the moment and capitalise on it.

By: Anthony Anderson

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It came so soon and so fast. It's just overwhelming. Every time I think about it, I just can't believe it... view

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That made me think I could contribute more to society by looking at people on the autopsy table and feeding back the findings so that lots of people could benefit, rather than just treating patients one at a time... view

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I have sometimes been haunted with the idea that it was an imperative duty, knowing what I know, and having seen what I have seen, to do all that lies in my power to show the dangers and the evils of this frightful institution... view

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The time between appearances for us is so great that we lose track of it. It would be like watching "Ben Hur" at one frame a second. There would be long periods of time where absolutely nothing was going on... view

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Everything comes in time to those who can wait... view

By: Francois Rabelais