There are some circumstances in which the First Amendment interest comes up against another interest that is really important and in which we have to make a decision in a particular case as to which is more important.

By: Floyd Abrams

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Paramount is the need to secure human rights. The form of rule should be such that the citizen does not have to fear the State, but gives it direction and confidently participates in its administration... view

By: Recep Tayyip Erdogan

There's a lot of things we can do to balance out what Obama's done and going forward show the American people the Republican Party can govern. I want a coalition of tea party people, independents, moderate Democrats trying to find a way to move this country forward before we become Greece... view

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Ever since Eve started it all by offering Adam the apple, woman's punishment has been to supply a man with food then suffer the consequences when it disagrees with him... view

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I influenced the BG style by not being able to draw perspective. The BG artists developed cool graphic painting styles to make my bad backgrounds look like they were that way on purpose... view

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By: Matt Cameron

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By: Rowan Atkinson

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By: Amr Moussa

The cell, over the billions of years of her life, has covered the earth many times with her substance, found ways to control herself and her environment, and insure her survival... view

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By: Aesop

But, my dear, I knew when I was a baby what I wanted to do, and I'll tell you, kiddo, if you don't do what your heart tells you, you'll never be real... view

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I prepared for the part by drinking, but I was sober when I was performing... view

By: Nora Dunn