I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best both for the body and the mind.

By: Albert Einstein

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If the British Fleet were lost or captured, the Atlantic might be dominated by Germany, a power hostile to our way of life, controlling in that event most of the ships and shipbuilding facilities of Europe... view

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By: Lance Henriksen

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By: Robert Kiyosaki

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By: Lawrence Kasdan

The community of masses of human beings has produced an order of life in regulated channels which connects individuals in a technically functioning organisation, but not inwardly from the historicity of their souls... view

By: Karl Jaspers

Men can only be happy when they do not assume that the object of life is happiness... view

By: George Orwell

My whole life experience feeds into my writing. I think that must be true for every writer. Clearly the Army and combat were major influences.. view

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