As we grow old, the beauty steals inward.

By: Ralph Waldo Emerson

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I am still a victim of chess. It has all the beauty of art - and much more. It cannot be commercialized. Chess is much purer than art in its social position... view

By: Marcel Duchamp

Beauty, sweet love, is like the morning dew, Whose short refresh upon tender green, Cheers for a time, but till the sun doth show And straight is gone, as it had never been... view

By: Samuel Daniel

For the mind disturbed, the still beauty of dawn is nature's finest balm... view

By: Edwin Way Teale

Always think of what is useful and not what is beautiful. Beauty will come of its own accord... view

By: Nikolai Gogol

Talent, like beauty, to be pardoned, must be obscure and unostentatious... view

By: Marguerite Gardiner

I believe that true beauty of chess is more than enough to satisfy all possible demands... view

By: Alexander Alekhine

It is the addition of strangeness to beauty that constitutes the romantic character in art... view

By: Walter Hagen

I recognize in thieves, traitors and murderers, in the ruthless and the cunning, a deep beauty - a sunken beauty... view

By: Jean Genet

Science shows us truth and beauty and fills each day with a fresh wonder of the exquisite order which governs our world... view

By: Polykarp Kusch

My wife has brought great beauty into my life. And my daughter has brought me nothing but joy. Those qualities were greatly lacking... view

By: Christopher Meloni

Part of the beauty of the show in a way is that he's not perfect, but you can always count on him to do the right thing in a pinch. That's why he inspires people and inspires me... view

By: Stephen Collins

Suddenly life has new meaning to me, there's beauty up above and things we never take notice of, you wake up suddenly you're in love... view

By: Billy Ocean