I always wished for this, but it's almost turning into more of a nightmare than a dream.

By: Eminem

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Dreams say what they mean, but they don't say it in daytime language... view

By: Gail Godwin

No one's ever happy with their position in Hollywood. You hear that from people you'd never dream would complain... view

By: Yasmine Bleeth

All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose... view

By: Brian Tracy

Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream... view

By: Khalil Gibran

I wonder anybody does anything at Oxford but dream and remember, the place is so beautiful. One almost expects the people to sing instead of speaking. It is all like an opera... view

By: William Butler Yeats

If DreamWorks and Disney need that name to sell the cartoon and get people in the seats, that's what they need. It's not fair, but there's plenty of other work for us to do... view

By: Carlos Alazraqui

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream... view

By: Edgar Allan Poe

Nobody understood The Reoccurring Dream, but after September 11, when we were coerced to do a national duty and go out and shop, surely people could begin to see what I was getting at... view

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This is the thing you dream about when you're a kid, even before getting into the league... view

By: Allen Iverson

Playing baseball was my dream, and no amount of money could sway my opinion... view

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I always wanted to be a rock star. That was my childhood dream. That's what I told everybody I was going to be when I grew up... view

By: Chester Bennington

A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities... view

By: Eda J. Le Shan